How Can You Tell You Need An Exhaust Repair?

A vehicle’s exhaust system is exposed to harsh road conditions. Fumes, water, salt or sputtered road debris corrodes your car’s exhaust system considering it is located at the underbelly of the vehicle.

An exhaust system comprises of several parts, and it is unlikely that all parts fail at the same time. In most cases, it’s an issue with a single component that can easily be repaired or replaced depending on the damage.

Now the question arises, how will you know that your car’s exhaust needs repair? Well, there are few symptoms which tell a lot about it.


  • Noises

Perhaps the most prominent sign of exhaust problem are the noises. As a driver, you’d surely notice a blowing exhaust which only gets louder in time.

If you hear a rattling sound coming from beneath your vehicle, it could be the exhaust mount coming off loose or broken. However, if you hear the same noise while your car is stationed, it could be an issue with the catalytic converter.

Such a problem must be brought to notice to a technician at any licensed garages that offer exhaust repair in Pickering. You can drive over to Add Tyres and Exhaust for a comprehensive repair and maintenance of your car’s exhaust. They also sell tyres and provide tyre maintenance services as well.

  • Smell

It is a fatal issue if you smell exhaust fumes inside your vehicle. Under such a circumstance, you mustn’t delay servicing any further. Take your car to a professional garage for an immediate fix. Exhaust fumes are toxic, and you must not drive your vehicle any longer before you get the exhaust system fixed.

  • Fuel efficiency drop

If you notice an abrupt fall in fuel efficiency, it could be a lot of issues. However, you must pay notice to your car’s exhaust. Usually, a leak in the exhaust system brings down the car’s performance as the engine works harder to achieve the same performance level. It causes a drastic increase in fuel consumption. You must seek professional advice to determine if the exhaust system’s the ‘culprit’.

  • Gas pedal vibration

This is also a common sign pointing towards an exhaust leak. Greater the leakage, more you’ll feel the vibration. This vibration can even extend to the steering wheel or even in the entire vehicle if the leak’s big enough. Under such circumstances, have your car’s exhaust checked out by a professional garage.

Does the exhaust need repair or replacement?

It’s difficult to fully determine whether your car’s failing exhaust requires a repair or replacement. If you notice corrosion in any parts, it’s usually fixed by repairing. The same goes for any dislodged exhaust component coming off loose from your vehicle’s underbelly.

However, if the problem’s as grave as smelling exhaust fumes or a sudden drop in mileage, it’s advised to drive by a service station for exhaust repair in Pickering. The expert technicians of a reputed garage can help with valuable advice and assistance regarding the issue.

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