How tinting my car’s window will be beneficial to me?

How tinting my car’s window will be beneficial to me?

Most of us see tinted Windows of the cars, just as a compartment’s view blocker, which isn’t wrong, but incomplete. Privacy is just one of the many aspects of tinting a window. From safety to styling, it covers many other factors, which makes the understanding of ‘window tinting’ a must.

Window tinting

Windows of a car have a dark, thin laminate film on the surface of its glass, which gives the window a tint effect. The purpose of this tint is to prevent the light from passing through the glass from the outside to the inside of the car. VLT (visible light transmission) is the term that tells the amount of light that can pass through the glass. It is measured in the percentage. Most of the cars’ windows come slightly tinted with VLT.

Why do we tint windows?

There are many benefits associated with tinted windows:

  • Privacy: No one likes unnecessary attention or someone staring at you, as it creates a sense of uneasiness. Tinted windows block the inside view which don’t allow the outsiders to see through it. This helps in creating a comfortable private environment. However, there are certain limitations to the tinting of the windows. Because tinting blocks the inside view, it also creates a hindrance to the work of the law enforcement.

  •  UV protection: It is of no need to say, how harmful the UV rays of the sun for our body are, but these UV rays are also harmful for the furnishings of the cars’ accessories. The fading of upholstery and discolouration of leather and vinyl are some common damages to the interior of the car. The Window Tinting Birmingham prevents those UV rays from entering it inside of the car. Also, this tinting prevents the eye fatigue due to the sunrays and nighttime headlights. The more the tint, the better protection from UV.

  • Safety: In case of accidents or attempts to break into the car, the thin film prevents glass from shattering and holds the glass together. As tint blocks the inside view, it is less likely to see all the valuable items present inside the car, which reduces the chances of theft attempt.

  • Decrease the heating: Heating is directly proportional to the intensity of the falling light and exposure. The tint reduces the intensity of the incoming rays, which also reduces the heating of the inside of the car to an extent. Low VLT percentage tint can reduce the intensity of the incoming rays to a great extent. This property of window tinting is very helpful during summer times when the temperature of the inside of the car rises due to the continuous exposure to the sunrays. This also cut down the fuel consumption from the overuse of air conditioning.

With the help of above-mentioned points, we can see how beneficial Window Tinting Birmingham can be. These tints come in different shades and qualities. You can get your windows tinted from a nearby car workshop or drive it to us at Wrapart Restyling. We will also assist you further in selecting the right tint for your car without compromising with aesthetics of the car.


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