How to Avoid Tyre Damage with Appropriate Preventive Measures

Tyre erosion is a common sign for multiple problems with different vehicle components. Uneven and rapid tread erosion can mean there are issues with other parts such as suspension, wheel alignment, and brakes.

Apart from erosion, tyres can also sustain damages due to sudden shocks and jerks. These damages appear in the form of cracks and cuts on the sidewalls and on the tread body itself. According to UK law, a tyre with a cut whose depth exceeds 25 mm has to be replaced. Cuts that expose the ply or cord are also unacceptable according to traffic laws. It should be a concern not just because of traffic laws but also because, deep cuts increases the chances of a blowout.

As with everything related to automobiles, preventive measures can help to avoid expensive damage repair service.

Suggestions on how to avoid tyre damage while driving

  1. In situations where you know you have to drive over an obstacle, like a curb or pothole, approach it slowly. Keep your wheels as close to perpendicular to the obstacle as possible.
  2. Maintain appropriate inflation pressure. Underinflated tyres are more prone to sustaining cracks in the sidewalls. Overinflating your tyres will make them prone to punctures.
  3. Be attentive about the amount of load you put on your car. Overall weight should not exceed the load index written on your tyre code. It’s a good idea to get familiar with the procedure of reading a tyre code.
  4. Relating to the same tip as above; be attentive to the speed rating. Tyres have different speed ratings, i.e. the highest speeds that tyre can perform at. Keep the average speed at which you drive within the speed rating on your tyres.
  5. Visit an auto garage every 6 months and avail a tyre rotation service.

Tyre puncture is a concerning issue when talking about tyre damage, as a puncture strands you in the middle of the road. Punctures can happen out of the blue but you can do your part at reducing the chances of that happening with proper tyre maintenance and care. Go for a tyre repair in Preston at professional auto garages for the best maintenance your tyres can get.

Common reasons for tyre puncture

  • Sharp objects, such as a pin or metal object on the road.
  • A split in the connection between a tyre and its rim owing to a collision.
  • Excessively eroded treads can also result in explosive tyre blowouts, as a shallow tread can make way for debris from the road to damage the tyre casing.

In case you need a tyre repair, consider checking the tread depth before opting for it. If you notice that your tyre has a tread depth around 2 mm or below, it is better you replace it with a new set of car tyres in Preston.

You may want to involve the best experts at top auto garages in this decision. For example, Preston Tyre Bay can provide you with a tyre puncture repair service. They also sell tyres from most of the top brands that will even fit your budget and requirement.

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