How To Diagnose Your Exhaust For A Fault?

Solving an exhaust problem may cost you a good amount of money because of its typical design and attached complications. It is one of the most critical parts of your vehicle as it is responsible for letting out the burnt gaseous waste, as a part of the car’s emission system. If this component fails to perform, the engine might have to work hard to cope-up with the power requirement and hence, may result in lesser economy on the fuel.

One should always remember that the exhaust should be repaired before it is completely broken as after an extent, it will cost you significant money.

The exhaust is also responsible for dampening the noise in a vehicle that results from the burning of fuel in the engine. It performs another essential function, that is to put a check on the emitted gases from the burnt fuel, thus maintaining the environment against vehicular pollution.

For all these reasons and more, it is of extreme importance to maintain the exhaust system of your vehicle.

How Can You Know That Your Exhaust Requires Servicing?

Your Engine is Producing More Noise Than Usual:

Engine noise is a telltale sign to let you know that your exhaust needs repairing. If the engine rumbles more than usual, it definitely means you should get your exhaust checked. When you drive, you can confirm it with just a straightforward observation. If you have to turn up the volume of your car’s stereo due to the increased sound produced by your vehicle, it means that your exhaust system is failing to dampen the engine noise and your car is facing a grave exhaust problem.

Your Catalytic Converter is Facing Trouble in Keeping Up:

The catalytic converter is responsible for converting harmful gases like carbon monoxide to carbon dioxide. It is the most expensive part of your exhaust system. In case it fails to keep up with the engine’s emission, it will produce a rattling sound. If you hear any rattling noise coming from your exhaust system when you turn on the ignition, you should have your exhaust looked by our expert technicians.

Your Exhaust is Leaking Fluids:

When you hear a hissing sound coming from your exhaust system, this generally means that your car’s exhaust has a crack or a leaking pipe, and is losing its fluids. A leaking exhaust will reduce the power in the engine and also the fuel economy.

More Trips to the Fuel Station:

Have you found yourself in a fit, where you are making more trips to the gas station even though you have an engine that is in tip-top condition? This means your exhaust is leaking fuel and is unable to provide you with fuel economy that your engine is expected to have.

Aesthetic Evaluation:

If your exhaust seems outdated and rusted, then that will inevitably reduce the efficiency of its working. If somehow you find any cracks on the wall of your exhaust, you should get it repaired.

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