How to Dispose of Old Tyres Properly and Responsibly?

High-quality tyres have a long lifespan. They are designed to offer you miles of undisturbed ride. However, like humans, tyres too have a set lifespan and no matter how much you care for them, there will come a time when you will need to replace them. Usually, people dump them in landfills. But this is not a responsible act, as it gives rise to numerous environmental problems.

You should not only take time to select the best Winter Tyres Congleton but also dispose them in a proper manner when the tyres become old. There are many ways of using waste tyres. Increasingly people are opting to reuse worn tyres. Let us explore these options in greater detail.

Tyre Recycling

Tyre recycling is the procedure of recycling used or old tyres that are no longer in a condition to be installed in vehicles. These tyres are also called end-of-life tyres. They are named so because they cannot function well anymore. Tyre recycling process comprises of the conversion of such tyres into materials that can be used to develop new products.

But why is tyre recycling important? it is because a large number of tyres reach their end-of-life stage quite quickly. Consequently, they get dumped into landfills which, in turn leads to more urgent issues like environmental pollution and global warming. To avoid all this, tyre recycling becomes important.

Ways to Dispose Old Tyres

You can dispose Tyres Congleton in many ways.

  1. You can take them to places like zoos, sports clubs, or play parks. Zoo animals love playing with tyres. On the other hand, tyres are a great exercise equipment that athletes and gymnasts use at the gym.
  2. You can also use old worn-out tyres for your DIY projects. You can make artworks and sculptures out of worn-out tyres. Used tyres are a great option to be utilized in creative projects. Children can surely find different ways to exercise their creativity with them.
  3. Yet another way of disposing old tyres is to exchange them at a nearby garage. Many car tyre fitting companies offer you the option of changing your tyres into new ones. It is a very affordable way and covers a number of costs like that of storing, administering, and transporting.
  4. You can also take your tyres to a household waste recycling centre. But you need to check-in with your local council first about it. It is because the council might have a certain limit to the number of tyres you can take.

Advantages of Tyre Recycling

  • Tyres take up a huge amount of space in landfills. When you choose to recycle tyres, you save up the space so that it can be used for other items that are difficult to recycle.
  • When you simply discard old tyres instead of recycling them, then you are only creating an environment conducive for disease-carrying rodents. Waste tyres are prone to collecting stagnant water and become breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Waste tyres are also a perfect home for snakes to live in. So, you need to take steps to recycle your tyre properly.
  • Tyre burning seriously impacts the atmosphere. They produce thick smoke and also contaminate water and soil. Thus, they pose a great risk to marine life.
  • Tyre recycling enables the transformation of scrap tyres into handy products. The fuel that is derived from tyre is more energy-efficient than the one derived from coal. This fuel is utilized in paper mills, and cement kilns as a supplemental fuel. Tyre derived fuel can enhance boiler efficiency, minimise air emissions, and also reduce production costs.
  • Worn tyres can also be used to make rubberised asphalt. It provides higher skid resistance as compared to the usual paving materials.

There is really no need to dump old and worn tyres in landfills. As you can see, there are quite many things that you can do with your used tyre.

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