How To Effectively Manage And Take Care Of Your Car Tyres?

All car owners need to take good care of their vehicle and especially the tyres. If the internet has guided you here, you must be the type of person that wants to improve their car-ownership skills, and we are here for you.


If you are wondering whether your car tyre is danged or not and you can not come to a concrete conclusion then Hankook Tyres Reading is for you. They can take a look at the tyres and put them through the necessary tests to determine whether they are in perfect condition or not.


However, if you don’t think your car tyre is even fit to be driven to the location, then this article will lead to all the possible damages your car might have faced and why those damages may have been caused so that you can avoid it the next time.


There are many possibilities as to why you may have damaged car tyres. You may have done it yourself on accident, or the road might have been unsafe to be driven on and that may have ended up causing damage to the tyres. The possibilities are endless. However, some of the more basic damages and the common ones are:


  • Wearing of treading
  • Punctures or holes
  • Cuts and cracks
  • Uneven bulges


All the above-mentioned damages or anomalies can be solved pretty easily and do not need expert handling. That being said, if you have no idea what may have caused the damage then you will unintentionally inflict those damages time and again on your car tyre. Although you will know the solution by heart at that point, we don’t want to have recurring problems that throw a curveball at us in the middle of our smooth-sailing week.


Other than an uncomfortable occurrence of having a damaged tyre, it is also time-consuming. Any solution that you will have to carry out will take a lot of time. Not everybody can afford to spend that time, every time they need to use the car.


Flat Tyres


Driving the car for a long time with a punctured tyre.



Always check your tyres before going out for the day. If one of your tyres is leaking, you will feel an imbalance while driving. Stop and replace immediately.


Driving with a leaking tyre puts unnecessary pressure on the tyre. Not only is it damaging for the tyre, but it is also extremely unsafe for anyone to be driving in such a condition.


If you find that you cannot stop immediately; maybe you are in the middle of a highway when you realize the problem with your tyre; you much stop the car as soon as possible and find a replacement for your tyre.


Bulged wall of the tyre


Driving over a pothole and hitting the edge too hard. The bulging is usually caused due to the impact of the interaction.


It may also occur if you drive over a blunt object on the road. The suddenness and the overall impact of the situation makes the walls of the tyre bulged.



This problem can be very easily avoided with responsible driving. Being conscious of the road and where you are driving you so you can slow down and reduce the impact on the tyres, is what will prevent such incidents from happening.


Repeated occurrence of such blunt force on the tyre can make it crack.


Both of these damages are the basic ones that you can avoid very easily. Checking the inflation of the car and making sure you drive very attentively on the road is the least one can do.


Overall it is important to note that any damage to your tyres can virtually be avoided with a little more attention to detail. But of course, in reality, there are always some casual errors and mistakes that can happen and for that, you have Tyres Online Reading. Until next time, keep your tyres safe, for they are the unsung heroes that carry your car forward. Literally and figuratively.

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