How To Ensure A Safe Drive during Winter?

Most people tend to use summer tyres all year round, or in some cases, they use all season tyres to support vehicle performance irrespective of the season. It, however, is not recommended, mostly because the tyres may not be suitable for extreme conditions.

Not using the right tyres in the winters can have dire consequences when on-road safety and vehicle handling are considered. It is therefore recommended to switch to Winter Tyres in Preston when the temperatures are low, especially when it is below 7 degree Celsius. It is, therefore, essential to have a clear idea of how vehicle safety can be improved.

Ways to Ensure A Safe Drive in Winters

Following are how on-road safety can be improved in cold temperatures.

Using Winter Tyres

Winter tyres are an excellent choice in cold temperatures because of the reasons given below.

  1. These tyres offer better traction, braking performance and a stronger grip compared to other tyres in low temperatures. In case the temperature is lower, the tread patterns denote a better performance in wet conditions as well as ice and snow.

  2. ‘Sipes’ is one of the primary reasons for an improved grip on the ice-covered and wet surfaces which the Winter Tyres in Preston provide. These provide numerous small and extra edges to ensure better grip as the tyre rotates. These ‘sipes’ do not just help due to their advantages but also enables localised movements of rubber. It occurs when the compound clings to the road.

  3. These are often designed to hold snow in the tread grooves which can help in gripping better on snow-covered surfaces. It is mainly because snow can opt for a better grip on snowy surfaces. These tyres exploit it as much as possible.

  4. The deeper tread grooves in the Winter Tyres Preston help in dispersing the surface water while increasing the resistance offered to aquaplane. It is the place where the tyres pass on top of the water instead of going through it. It also increases the risk of losing car control.

Driving Properly

Apart from switching to winter tyres, it is essential to operate correctly. It is thus necessary to incorporate proper driving techniques and do not incur any costs. Following are some tips which may be of help.

  1. It is essential to high gears. Pulling away in a second gear compared to a first gear reduces the chances of spinning of Tyres in Preston.

  2. It is essential to shift to economy mode to increase efficiency.

  3. Being gentle with clutch and throttle to reduce wheel spin.

  4. Reducing the speed to ensure control and allow an individual to react better to situations.

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Switching to winter tyres not only promotes a safer drive but also ensures a better driving experience. It improves the performance of the vehicle on the road, especially when they are covered in snow and ice, improving controllability. Also, to avoid any hassle you should have a spare pair of tyres. Get your winter tyres and enjoy your rides.

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