How To Ensure Long Life For Your Tyres

Buying it all new is a very satisfying experience. You buy more horsepower, you make one up on your car, by selling the old one and buying a new one. But is it the same experience when you have to buy new tyres for your vehicle? No, we don’t think so. Any tyre purchase is nothing more than a need rather than a want. But can we delay the requirement of new tyres? Yes, of course, and we are here to tell you how.

How do you maintain a long life for your car? You get your vehicle serviced. You take care of its maintenance, and in return, it serves you for long years. So why do we show a cold heart to our tyres? If the tyres are maintained and given what they need, they are obligated to serve you more.

Therefore to help you with some of the essential maintenance tips for your tyres, we offer the following points:

  1. Air Pressure: We, as a driver, has a tendency to forget about the pressure in our car tyres. Inadequate tyre pressure is one of the biggest reasons for your tyres to wear out before time. If the tyres are inflated above a certain level, they will get the centre wear. While if the tyres are underinflated they will wear out as a whole. Further tyres pressure also adversely affects the fuel efficiency of a car. Therefore car drivers must maintain optimum pressure.

  1. Wheel Alignment: Another issue that leads your tyres to their doom is a misalignment of wheels. Wheel misalignment is a condition in which the wheels of a car get tilted on their axle. Tilted wheels press the tyres unevenly on the road. This is the cause the tyres wear out in a non-uniform fashion. Further, if the wheels are not aligned in time, they will lead to more wearing of the tyres and ultimately render your tyres bald. In which you will be forced to buy new tyres.

  1. Tyre Tread: The treads of tyres are an essential part of the tyres. It helps in the maintenance of the necessary traction on the roads. If you find your treads wearing out unevenly make sure to get the wheels aligned. Tyre rotation is also a good practice to prevent non-uniform wearing of tyres. It will also remind you of your wheels’ alignment.

  1. Storing: If the Bridgestone Tyres Birmingham are not in use, one must safely store them in a cool and dry place. One should also keep their tyres away from the sources of ozone and oxygen. You should also prevent them from direct sunlight, as exposure to sunlight enhances the ageing process of tyres. One last thing to avoid while storing tyres is UV rays. It also causes your tyres to age sooner than expected.

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