How to Fortify Tyre Safety

Tyres in a car should be checked regularly to ensure maximum safety on the road. In the UK, you can be fined heavily for driving your car without the right tyres. It will be worse if you meet with an accident while driving with illegal tyres. In case of an accident with the wrong tyres, you will be charged with a heavy fine and also your insurance can end immediately.

First things first, driving with degraded tyres can pose a significant threat to you and your family members. It also dramatically decreases your car’s performance in terms of fuel efficiency, engine power, steering, and braking.

Here are Some Tried and Tested Tips, So That You Can Maintain Your Tyres for Maximum Safety:

General Tips:

  • Check the sidewalls of your car inside-out.

  • Maintain the tread depth of 3mm and get the tyre/s replaced when the tread depth has reduced to 1.6mm or less.

  • In case of an emergency, always keep a spare tyre in an excellent running condition.

  • Maintain the optimum tyre pressure and look for irregular tyre wear.

Check Your Tyres for Pressure:

The worst thing to do is to keep a low tyre pressure. This greatly reduces your steering capabilities along with the braking time. A habit of keeping low tyre pressure will reduce the life of your tyre as it will result in higher tread wear.

One should always maintain the correct tyre pressure as per the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Get Your Wheels Aligned:

Another reason for tyre wear is wheel alignment problems. It will result in the wearing of the edges of your tyres. There are a lot of handling issues that arise from a wrongly aligned wheel.

Whenever you see this sign of wearing out in your tyres get it to us at Nil’s Tyre Services for your vehicle’s wheel alignments.

Try to Have Balanced Wheels:

Wheel balancing issues may cause suspension problems as well as other physical threats to your car’s components. Get your vehicle checked regularly for the balancing problems.

Maintain a Proper Tread Depth:

The permissible tread depth by the UK Government is 1.6mm. Having a depth lesser than this may result in you getting a hefty fine. However, it is always recommended to get your tyres retreaded as soon as you reach a 3mm mark.

The UK government will fine you up to £ 2500 or may even award you a penalty point. Three such penalty points will result in cancellation of your driving licence.

Have a Spare Tyre in Excellent Condition:

It would be best if you always carried an extra tyre with you. This tyre can prove to be a life saviour in many situations. Like when you are left stranded on a highway because of a punctured tyre. You should also carry the necessary jack and wrench to change it whenever needed. After changing it, you should get your tyre repaired as soon as possible.

Tyres can be maintained for a very less expense, and we, at Nil’s Tyre Services, can help you with that. Next time if you want Car Tyres Blackburn repairs, please visit us.

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