How to Increase Your Hankook Tyre’s Life: A Beginner’s Guide

Owning a car in the modern-day UK is as essential as buying groceries. However, there are some financial obligations to it. The car needs servicing, and some parts like tyres require maintenance and occasional replacements.

Luckily, Hankook tyres Wolverhampton can be made to last longer if you take a little care of them. The methods are simple and require very little of your time and effort considering the huge benefits that they deliver in terms of increasing your tyres’ longevity and the overall driving experience of your car.

Following the tips below will ensure that you don’t have to invest in new tyres in Wolverhampton frequently.

  • Check for Damages Regularly

Your Hankook tyres take a lot of pressure, unwarranted cuts and bruises on a regular basis. Checking them for damages at regular interval ensures an improvement in the tyre’s life and its performance. Avoiding it compromises not only its integrity but also your safety, which is hugely dependent on them.

It becomes especially important during and just after the winter months as the tyres go through a lot of snow and debris at this time. You should check your tyres frequently, at least once a week, to make sure that there is no visible damage to the tyre body.

You can also have them professionally checked every time you visit Junction 11 Motors Wolverhampton.

  • Rotate them at Regular Intervals

Tyres at different ends of a car withstand different pressures. The tyres fitted to the front wheels experience wearing differently than those fitted to the rear wheels. This results in uneven wear of the tyres.

To avoid this problem, you should rotate your Hankook tyres at regular intervals. Hankook recommends rotating tyres every six months or 6000-8000 km, whichever comes first. However, there are variables in this context, and you should check your car manual for your car manufacturer’s recommendations.

Tyre rotation will ensure that all tyres wear evenly and last much longer.

  • Check Tyre Pressure, Wheel Alignment And Tread Depth

Tyre pressure is another aspect that affects its longevity. If your tyres are under-inflated, it’ll result in more tread-wear at the edges. If they’re over-inflated, the centre of the tyre will wear more. Uneven wearing has severe implications on the health and endurance of Hankook tyres in Wolverhampton.

  • Don’t Exceed The Load Capacity Of Your Tyres

Every Junction 11 Motors tyre Wolverhampton has its limits when it comes to the load capacity. Exceeding that may lead to the tyres generating excessive heat, eventually resulting in a blow-out.

To avoid that, make sure you respect the tyre’s load capacity. You can find the Load Index marking on the sidewall of your tyre. You should check them out while buying car tyres in Wolverhampton and make sure that they are compatible with your requirements.

Following these tips will not require a lot of your time or energy. You can do these all by yourself with minimum effort and be surprised by the impact they have on the overall performance of your car.

The money you save is a bonus!

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