How To Inspect Your Winter Tyres For Damage And If They Are Safe To Use?

Although winter tyres are used for just a few months in a year, they can last for very long and require less replacement. Before using these tyres during the winter months, you must check the tyres thoroughly. This will ensure whether your tyres will work well or not. If your winter tyres are not in good shape, it is useless to install them for winter use.

This article depicts some aspects to check for ensuring whether you winter tyres by brands like Dunlop Tyres Birmingham are fit to be used or not.

Damage to Sidewall

The overall tyre performance will be affected if the tyre sidewall gets damaged even though it is a small nick. Thus, you need to replace the tyre immediately. Your overall vehicle safety will be affected by the tyre condition. Thus, ensuring that your tyres are fit to be used efficiently is quite essential. You must visit a local garage with your tyres if you are in doubt whether your winter tyres will last for another year or not. They will offer a useful professional opinion regarding this.

Tread bars

Many tyre brands offer tyres having tread bars installed in them. These are used to measure the tread depth easily. These are actually ridges built on the tyres. These ridges get noticed only when the tyre starts wearing. When the level of the tread bars and tyre tread reaches the same level, you need to get the winter tyres replaced with a new tyre set.

Depth of Tread

Just like all-season and summer tyres, the depth of tread is very crucial. Your tyre will be incapable of gripping on the road surface if it doesn’t have a good amount of tread. This is even more problematic on snowy or icy roads. Gripping or traction is one of the major factors of the winter tyre. While only 2 mm of tread depth is required in other tyres but, the tread depth of the winter tyres must not fall below 3 mm.

The depth of the tread in a winter tyre can be easily measured. Finding a small skewer and placing it in one of the tyre grooves is all you need to do. You need to mark the point where the tread level comes up with a felt tip pen or a pencil.

Visual Inspection

Just by having a glance, a lot can be known about the tyre. If you find your tyres worn irregularly or depicting some cracks, you can easily identify that the tyres are not fit to be used. If you trace strange rubber bulges or dried out rubber patches, you need to get the tyres replaced immediately.

Manufacturing date

Every tyre contains a manufacturing date imprinted on them. The count of years of the tyres is actually the window depicting the number of useful years for which the tyre will work efficiently. After the tyre completes these years, it needs to be replaced. This count of years alters based on the model and make of the tyres.

Save More Now on Buying Winter Tyres

You can contact a reliable garage for quotes when you finally make your decision regarding your winter tyre purchase. You need to do this before you visit the offline or online store and make your tyre purchase. You will see that better deals are offered by some garages as compared to the manufacturers of tyres. Thus, you can save more by purchasing from the one offering good deals. You must not assume one price offered by a single workshop as a fair price. You need to visit multiple garages.

While buying winter tyres, you must first look into different loyalty schemes. The opinion for converting your points into vouchers to be spent on tyres is offered by many providers of loyalty cars and supermarkets. You are restricted to the brand of tyre you purchase by using these schemes. But, you can save a huge amount of money.

You can do thorough research and compare the prices online. Sometimes, you can find a more profitable deal online rather than at a garage.

If you purchase your winter tyres from the garage where you are going to get the tyres installed, you can save money on your tyres. If these garages know that you will pay to get your tyres installed at their garages, they will offer a better price for the Car Tyres Birmingham you would purchase from them. But, this is not so every time. Thus, you must be cautious.

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