How To Know Tyre Related Problems?

Have you lately been feeling weird vibrations in your car? Generally, people think that it is because of a suspension issue or wrong wheel alignment. And rightfully so; they may be correct in most cases. But sometimes the case may be otherwise; these vibrations can also be a result of tyre related problems. The tyres can even have hidden manufacturing faults that might cause the vibrations as well as the steering problems.

Many obvious faults are visible to a naked eye; some of them being uneven tread wear, cuts, and bulges, etc. that are responsible for the safety of a vehicle.

The problems related to steering pull and vibrations are much deep-rooted and may also be part of a manufacturing error. This may be because of the off-centre or damaged belts, or maybe because of the displaced beads.

Conicity of the tyres:

The belts in the tyre should be accurately placed in the centre of the tyre when it is being manufactured. The belt with even one millimetre of displacement can cause the tyres to pull away. This problem is known as the conicity of tyres. When the belts are off the centre, they will cause a cone to develop in the tyre. This development of conical structure causes the shifting of the vehicle to either right or the left.

You can switch the front tyres with each other, that is left with right and right with the left, and if the vehicle still pulls to the same side, you must get your car’s alignment checked. The pulling, in that case, is because of the misalignment.

The unbalanced wheel steering can also result from the displacing of the beads from their places. Low tyre pressure can also lead to conicity of the tyre and hence, can also lead to the pulling of the vehicle to one side. The low-pressure side will generally pull the vehicle towards it.

Tyre Vibrations:

Tyre vibrations can be caused due to various factors. The main reasons are tread wear, damaged or worn out bearings, and also the radial and lateral run outs.

Tyre run outs are the biggest reason for the vibrations in a vehicle. These are caused when the tyres are not adequately placed on the rims. One can correct it by replacing the tyres. The lateral run outs generally cause steering vibrations while the radial run outs cause suspension issues.

If the rims are lubricated for long by silicon and similar lubricants, the slippage of the tyre on the rims occurs which generally causes the vibrations. If the cord that runs radially is damaged, it can cause vibrations in the rotating tyres. The tyres can be checked for the spindle moment with a tyre problem detector.

Uneven tread wear is another one of the main reasons for vibrating tyres. One can easily remove these unpleasant vibrations by changing the tyres treads.

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