How to Maintain the Wheels and Tyres?

Your car stays healthy only when the different vehicle components are in a healthy state. Tyres and wheels are two of the very important components of a car. They need to be in perfect shape for efficient and safe drives. Any glitch or fault in these parts can lead to major issues and expensive repairs. Vehicle maintenance is not a petty task. You need to be very careful and attentive so the vehicle performance stays intact.

This blog has some basic points that can help you in maintaining the vehicle with care. These points are related to wheel and tyre maintenance. So, if you are someone who is struggling in keeping the tyres in good shape, you have landed on the right page. Read the blog further for more details.                      

How to maintain the wheels and tyres?

Wheel Alignment: This refers to the angles at which your wheels sit at the vehicle. These angles are determined according to the suspension system of the car. Wheel Alignment angles include camber, caster, and toe. Misaligned wheels often lead to heavy vibrations in the car. A vehicle with improper wheel alignment pulls towards one side of the road even when the steering wheel is held straight. Hunter Wheel Alignment Croydon needs to be done every year or when the vibrations and car balance problems arise.

Wheel Alignment should be done on time. Misaligned wheels lead to imbalanced drives, which can put your safety at stake. Tyres attached to misaligned wheels also wear unevenly. This means you say goodbye to your tyre way before the actual time.

Wheel Balancing: This refers to balancing the weight of your tyres. The tyres evenly hold the weight of an entire vehicle. This is done by ensuring that all four wheels carry equal weight. Wheel balancing ensures the same. The garage experts use professional equipment to check the wheel balancing of your car. Imbalance wheels can lead to handling issues. They also cause vibrations while driving.

Load capacity: Every tyre model comes with a load capacity. The manufacturer mentions that in the manufacturer’s manual. You are advised to never surpass the loading capacity of your tyres. This will lead to premature tread wear and the tyres will age rapidly. Your drives will also become heavy. Surpassing the tyre load capacity will reduce the tyre life.

Tyre inflation: Tyre inflation is yet another important factor that affects your vehicle life and performance. The tyres should be filled with proper pressure, under and over-inflated tyres are both dangerous. Under-inflated tyres lead to uneven tread wear. They run on low pressure and can easily blow out. This puts your safety at stake.

Over-inflated tyres mean having excessive tyre pressure. Such tyres attain a deformed shape and cause imbalance drives. You lose the balance and handling of the car, which can sometimes cause accidents. Overinflation is very dangerous for your safety. Such tyres attain punctures pretty easily.

You are advised to check the tyre pressure once every week. This helps in keeping a track of the well-being of your tyres. Under and over-inflation are equally dangerous and risky to drive with.

Your tyres and wheels are the components that have direct contact with the road. They need to be in optimum shape for good performance. You are advised to get all the services done on time for a better experience. This will enhance the vehicle performance and keep your tyres and wheels healthy, increasing their life.

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