How To Maintain Your Tyres?

The easiest way to ensure that your Continental tyres Longton have satisfactory mileage and performance is to perform a simple monthly check to verify correct tyre pressure, including tyre wear, tread, and damage.

Remember to check the tyres regularly (at least once a month) (cold) to accurately measure the tyre pressure). Over and underinflation can cause problems.

Keep Tyre Pressure At The Recommended Level

You can find the recommended level on your license plate or car owner’s card. Maintaining the correct tyre pressure is the most important thing you can do to enhance the tyre longevity

Insufficient air pressure is one of the main causes of irreparable tyre damage and can cause serious cracks, which can lead to air leaks. This reduces load carrying capacity, allows excessive deformation of the sidewalls, and increases rolling resistance, which can lead to thermal and mechanical damage.

Over-inflation will increase stiffness, which will cause uncomfortable driving and undesirable vehicle vibration. It also increases the likelihood of being hit.

Don’t Twist Your Tyres For A Long Time.

If your vehicle is caught in snow, ice, mud, or sand, please avoid twisting your tyres excessively. This can cause the tyres to overheat and cause irreparable damage. Use a slight back and forth movement to release the vehicle. When driving at high speed, do not stand beside or behind rotating tyres

Check Whether The Tyres Are Worn Or Not

When the remaining tread depth reaches 1.6 mm, be sure to stop using the tyres. All new tyres have tread wear indicators. When the wear reaches 1.6 mm, these indicators will appear as smooth lugs in the tread grooves. They are caused by tyre slipping, with little or no baldness. Excessively worn tyres are also more prone to failure.

Regularly check (at least once a month) whether your tyres are damaged and their general condition is important to safety. If you have any questions, please ask the tyre dealer to check. Cracks, nodules, bumps, or air leaks always require the tyre to be removed and professionally inspected.

Car Tyres Longton

Correct Tyre Repair

Note: Goodyear does not guarantee any inspection or repair. Repair is the sole responsibility of the repair company and must be carried out following the established RMA.

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System Warning

For more information about the procedure when the tyre pressure warning system is activated, please refer to the operating instructions of your vehicle.

Do Not Try To Install Your Tyres.

Improper installation will cause the tyre and rim assembly to explode and cause serious injury. Remember to adjust the tyre diameter to the rim diameter according to the tyre manufacturer’s instructions. Tyres can only be installed by specially trained personnel.

Do not mix tyres of different sizes and types on the same axle

For better handling and control, Goodyear recommends installing four tyres of the same type and size in accordance with the vehicle manufacturer’s instructions.

Tyre Balance

It is also important to balance tyres and wheels from time to time. The tyre changer puts your tyres and wheels on the machine, which determines the weight distribution and allows you to reposition the lead on the rim for even distribution. This reduces tyre vibration and improves tyre handling.

Regular Tyre Rotation

The considerable force acts on the wheels of your vehicle, depending on where the wheels are mounted on the vehicle. To the rear, the tyres mounted on the drive wheels will wear out when you accelerate. By rotating the tyres around the vehicle, you can compensate for wear and extend the life of the tyres.

Driving with supported tyres One of the most effective tyre maintenance methods is to improve your driving habits. Driving at high speeds heats the tyres, increasing friction and accelerating tyre wear.

Fragment impact carries more energy at high speed, which increases the possibility of damage or even explosion. Aggressive turns will also damage tyres faster. Maintaining your Car tyres Longton is simple but very important. By taking the time to inspect and maintain your tyres regularly, and changing the way you drive, you can extend the life of your tyres. Check tyres face many dangers on the road. Check your vehicle’s tyres for damage, such as scratches, cuts, and dirt on the road.

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