How to Prevent Car Accidents?

Car accidents are extremely scary, costly, time-consuming, and painful. Every year, statistics indicate that more than one million drivers die as a result of a car accident. This means that around three thousand people die daily around the world. Additionally, about twenty to fifty million individuals are disabled or injured every year because of car accidents.

Following are ten tips that will help you prevent most car accidents and turn into a better driver.

Make Sure You Have Insurance

There is nothing worse than being in an accident without having insurance for your car. There are many options out there for different types of Insurance workyou just need to select the most convenient for you.

Prevent Distracted Driving

While making occasional and short phone calls, eating while you are driving or reading a text message might not seem a big deal, they can lead to serious accidents, that is why you need to make sure you never drive while being distracted. Each day nine people die and another one hundred get injured in serious crashes that involve one or more motorists who were distracted. Also, if you feel that you do not have proper control over your vehicle, you may also decide to go for a car repair Leamington Spa at your nearest garage.

When people talk about distracted driving, they are mostly referring to steering while performing another activity which can take your focus off the lane. When it comes to distracted driving, there are three different categories:

Visual (get distracted by your eyes)

Manual (get distracted by your hands)

Cognitive (get distracted by thoughts)

Avoid driving on the right lane.

Sadly, most car accidents happen here. Also, a lot of authorities concentrate on motorists who drive in the right lane. If you wish to prevent collisions or speeding tickets, experts recommend driving in different lanes. Do not forget to keep your eyes on the road, do not focus only on the vehicles ahead. Look on both the sides and behind you. This can help you get ready for any disaster that may happen.

Look Out for blind spots.

Several car accidents happen because motorists depend on and trust their mirrors too much. Although it is an excellent idea to adapt to all of your mirrors to get an optimal view, you should know that they are not able to see it all. There are certain areas called blind spots where you cannot see anything. Make sure that you look everywhere around you before changing lanes.

Use both hands!

Avoid being lazy while driving. You need to use two hands while driving as it will enable you to have full control of your vehicle in case you need to brake suddenly.

Watch out your speed

Do not exceed the speed limit. This way you will have more control over your car and you will avoid getting a ticket.

Take care of your vehicle

Stay away from dirty and beat-up vehicles, which might indicate careless and inattentive owners. If you try to keep your car clean and in perfect condition, you will be considered a responsible driver, even if you do not have much experience. Do not forget to perform routine maintenance at least once a month.

Understand your vehicle’s limits.

Every vehicle is different. Get a decent evaluation of how fast your vehicle will respond in dangerous and challenging situations.

Avoid driving at night

Driving at night can be risky as it is harder to see around. Moreover, you may also hit any kerbs or potholes because of low visibility. This may also damage your tyres to a great extent.

Car crashes are a pretty common occurrence, particularly in big cities. Even though you cannot always prevent them, there are certain things every driver can do in order to improve their driving skills and ensure they are not responsible for the accident. want to know more about MOT Leamington Spa centre visit our website

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