How To Replace Your Faulty Clutch

To perform the proper gear shifting, you need to have your clutch in the best shape. Clutch helps the two rotating shaft of your car to dislodge and change the gears in meanwhile. In the absence of a clutch, wearing of the gears can take place. But over time the clutch plate in your car also gets worn out. Sometimes due to sudden forces, the clutch of the car gets damaged. We, here at Sam’s Tyres, want to tell you that you can change and carry out all of the Clutch Repair Bristol at your home too.

You just have to follow the given steps:

Step 1

Park your car away from traffic or in a place where you can get enough room to carry out the repairs. Place the jack under the oil pan in order to support the engine of your car.

Step 2

Remove the trans-axle of your car and also detach the clutch cable and the battery connections. Doing this will make it easier for you to reach the clutch.

Step 3

Relax the engine mount by unbolting it. To get the trans-axle removed from the car, you have to unbolt one of the engine mounts successfully. Get the bolts out of the flywheel bell housing and remove the trans-axle accordingly. It will be a lot easier to detach the trans-axle now. You will now be able to see the pressure plate.

Step 4

With the exposure of the pressure plate, you are an inch away from the clutch of your car. Unbolt the pressure plate and get the clutch removed from its place. Inspect the clutch of your vehicle and look for the signs of damages. You should also examine the flywheel at the same time. If any damage persists in any one of them, get it repaired. If the repair is not helpful, you have to find a new clutch or flywheel for your car.

Rub the dirt off the clutch and lubricate it well before sliding it back into its place.

Step 5:

Get the same process done in the reverse order. Place the clutch and flywheel back into their place. Bolt the pressure plate and install the trans-axle of your car. Don’t forget to fix the engine mounting again. Connect the battery and the clutch cables.

Step 6

Slowly lower down your car and remove the jack from underneath.

Step 7

Take your car for a ride, and make sure that everything is working just fine. Does your gears are shifting properly without any weird sounds and noises? With everything done right gears will have no problems, and your car should offer a comfortable ride.

We know that, to do it yourself tricks are easier said than done. We also believe that it is better to trust the experience of technicians. Therefore, we suggest you to bring your car to us, here at Sam’s Tyres. We have a team of experts that will get your Clutch Repair Bristol in minutes, and help you get back on the roads as soon as possible. If you are in need of any car repair service, don’t forget to give us a call. Our executives will try their best to get your problem solved in the least amount of time.

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