How to save your battery from running flat?

You would never want to park your vehicle on a lonely road just because the battery of the car has gone out. It is very crucial to keep the vehicle battery in good condition to avoid any unpleasant experience. 

Car batteries may be put under strain during winter seasons as freezing temperatures reduce the effectiveness of chemical and electrical reactions necessary for the proper functioning of your vehicle.

Your car gives you a few signs that the car battery might break down. Here are some signs that may help you recognise if the battery is about to break down:

  1. When your vehicle doesn’t start at all times, it is probably because of a damaged battery. It is the most common indication of a flat battery. 
  2. When the bonnet’s inner side makes weird noises that also signifies battery breakdown. 
  3. If you are having issues with the central locking system then there are high chances that your battery has been damaged and it is time for some repair. 
  4. If you do not notice any noise then the issues must be due to loose connections with the battery that can be refitted. 
  5. Slow starting of the electronic parts such as lights, heated seats, etc can also be signs of a battery failure. 
  6. Most importantly, such problems are always indicated by the indicator. A small red rectangle having two signs, a plus and a minus, is visible which lights up during a warning. 

If the light is visible when the vehicle is moving, there could be a problem with the alternator belt. 

How can you prevent battery problems?

You can easily avoid any kind of battery failure by keeping small things in mind. The most important thing to do is to keep your vehicle in good condition. Simple measures should be taken to keep the car battery Bilston in good condition. 

  • Charging a battery overnight or when it has been left unused for a long time saves the battery from getting damaged. 
  • Before turning off the car, you should also switch off the car’s heating systems and headlights. This can reduce the strain and increase the lifespan of the battery.  

How can you jump-start the car?

Jump starting a car seems like a good option in an emergency but it is only possible if you have another car with you.

  • For doing this, both the cars should be switched off and their ignition keys should not be inserted. 
  • You should attach the red jump lead to the positive side of the flat battery and the black one to the negative terminal on the working vehicle Then a piece of metal should be clipped on the engine of the broken-down car.
  • In the end, both the cars should be started and the car with the flat Car battery Bilston should positively start.

If this doesn’t work, you must take the car to a garage or call for help.

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