How to Save Your Tyres From Storage Hazards?

Usually, drivers talk about the problems their Tyres Whitchurch face when they are at work. But you have to consider that tyre issues may take place even when they are stored in a quiet place.

It clearly means that need to store your tyres in such a way that they experience minimum damage.

If you are careless to store your tyres, your tyres may face several issues related to your tyres like:

Environmental Issues

Do not keep your tyres outside for a long time. If you do so, you are inviting a lot of adverse effects of environmental problems because of heat direct sunlight, or ozone.

It is OK that tyre makers combine a number of chemicals in the rubber material to make the tyres able to cope with environmental factors. But, if the exposure goes beyond limits, the damage is going to happen.

If you store your tyres in an open space, excessive exposure to ozone will cause hairline cracks on the sidewall of your tyres.

Due to any reason, if you have to store your tyres in an open space, you have to cover with the help of a waterproof tarp that should cover the entire surface of the tyres.

Storing tyres outside create other problems as well in the winter season. For example, extremely cold temperatures and snow can freeze them to each other or to the surface.

Thus, a sheltered place is always better to store tyres.

Even you store your tyres inside, you have to be cautious since there are a number of indoor problems that are waiting for your tyres.

Indoor Issues

Ozone creating equipment may create problems for your tyres. Thus, it is better you keep mercury lamps, electric motors, and similar things away from the tyres.

It is also vital that you keep your tyres away from chemicals, fuels or petroleum-based products.

Cleaning Your Tyres Is the Best Approach

It is a good idea if you wash your tyres before storing them in a garage. Washing the tyres will remove dust, dirt and road debris completely.

Keep Them in an Upright Position

Storing tyres for a long time may damage their shape. Therefore, it is mandatory that you store your tyres in an upright position. In this position, you can preserve the shape of your tyres.

Avoid Handing Your Tyres

Hanging tyres on hooks on the wall seems a great idea. But indeed, you keep them under more pressure if you hang them. As a result, the shape of your tyres is going to deteriorate if you hang them for a long period of time.

Store Your Tyres in a Cool and Dry Place

It is a wise idea to store your tyres in a sheltered place. Make sure sunlight does not reach the area where you have stored your tyres. Moreover, you have to keep your tyres in a cool and dry area.

Arrange a Fire Extinguisher

As mentioned above, you have to keep your tyres from chemicals and petroleum products. However, to eliminate a single change of fire accidents, you have to arrange a fire extinguisher to control fire.

Thus, be ready for fire attacks.

As you see, storing tyres is a responsible work since you need them again next year in the same condition.

We are sure these tips will be valuable for you whenever you store your tyres. Especially, these tips are for those who use seasonal Tyres Ellesmere. Naturally, they have to store their summer/winter tyres when they use a set of summer/winter tyres.

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