How to Take Proper Care of Your Set of Dunlop Car Tyres?

Are you the proud owner of a luxury car? If yes, then you know the significance of a good set of tyres for your ride. Much like the products proffered by Dunlop; leaders in creating high-quality car tyres for every type of vehicle out there!

This is because Dunlop manufactures pneumatic tyres that are ruling the road for years now, ensuring utmost safety for every vehicle, whether it is your family sedan or a long haul truck.

However, while confirming safety is the company’s duty but restoring the same is yours. Like maintaining your expensive vehicle, conserving its brand new tyres is equally important to make sure your commute stays accident-free.

The Importance of Tyre Maintenance:

People using Dunlop tyres in Horncastle or elsewhere often overlook the four sets of rubber shields owing to their resistivity. However, not to forget, tyres need to be checked at regular intervals to assure a car’s safety.

Many incidents showed that a sufficient number of accidents taking place on the roads are due to the adverse conditions of the tyres.

How Can Dunlop Tyres Be Damaged?

Several factors contribute to the damage of tyres. For instance:

  • Pugnacious puncture and deflation

Puncture of car tyres is one of the common difficulties locales face. The cause of deflation may be due to the car being in a static position for a prolonged period, anything sharp puncturing the casing, exposure to high temperature, etc.

  • Inappropriate pressure

A lot many people have a knack to inflate the tyres at maximal pressure. Failing to strike a balance, they either end up having a high pressure or a low pressure. This is very harmful to your car. It increases the wearing of your car tyres by a huge margin.

  • Wobbling

Wobbling is another essential factor of tyre mutilation owing to misalignment of wheels and blowouts causing fatal accidents. Also, if you are driving with misaligned tyres Horncastle or any other town per say, it largely increases the chance of a deadly crash.

  • Wears and tears

Large blisters, wears and tears are point-blank reasons contributing to the damage of tyres. If you notice any cut, blister, or tear larger than 25mm, you should immediately bring your car to a garage for proper assessment.

Five Tips for Tyre Maintenance:

Here’s a quick guideline for those who are staying in the localities of Horncastle and facing significant issues with tyres in Horncastle:

  1. Check wheel alignment

Make sure your car’s wheels are correctly aligned; otherwise it might cause premature wearing of the tyres.

  1. Measure tread depth

You should keep track of your tread depth, especially in case of Dunlop tyres. These treads help to remove water between the tyres, preventing the possibility of aquaplaning.

  1. Maintain proper inflation pressure

Always check whether your tyres have enough pressure to function normally because maintaining tyre pressure reduces the chances of their damage.

  1. Have an eye on wears and tears

Regular inspection of your car tyres for signs of damage is essential. Avail at least one inspection every 6 months to make sure they are okay.

Repair and Replace

Lastly, if you are in a dilemma, opt for a specialist without any delay. Many car service garages in Horncastle offer service for tyres meeting all the requirements and necessities.

Needless to mention, proper tyre maintenance initiates with the choice of car tyres. So, go and check out the extensive varieties offered by Simon Rawdon Tyres Horncastle and enjoy a smooth journey!

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