Importance of MOT tests

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If you own a car or any other vehicle, you’ll know that it is required to go through an MOT test every year. Whether you own a car, motorcycle, or truck, you need to pass the MOT test to verify if your vehicle is still road-worthy.

History Of MOT Tests

MOT tests were introduced in the 1960s and have significantly expanded over time. An example of such expansion would be the first test that occurred in the ’60s, about a tyre evaluation. But as we look now, due to advancements in technology, the MOT test has become more complex than the ’60s, as now it checks not only the tyre but various elements of the car.

Elements of the car tested are:

– Brakes

– Suspension

– Lights

– Bodyworks

The test is designed to prevent any accidents or breakdowns when you are driving.

If you decide to visit us, your MOT certificate will be valid as we are authorized by the DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency). 

Your vehicle must be tested every year, once it is three years old. If you are found driving a car without an MOT certificate, then you can be fined up to €1000, so we would highly recommend you to keep a note of when your MOT is due.


We know you do not like to wait, so book your MOT test in advance. Our MOT tests last only 50 minutes, depending on the size of your car, We perform MOT tests on class 4 vehicles.

In case your vehicle fails the MOT test, you are advised to let us repair your car, and you will receive a free retest within a few days.

How to reach

All you need to do is fill out a form, and we will contact you with your appointment details.

We promise you the best service for your car, as we follow DVSA Standards.

Procedures involved in the MOT Test

1. Engine Coolant Levels

It is vital to check your engine fluid levels, coolant levels, and auto transition levels if you have an automatic gearbox. We MOT Luton can do it for you.

2. Screen Wash

You need to assure that your car’s windscreen is free of debris or any dirt, for that we use the screenwash.

3. Handbrake

We check the tension on your brakes precisely.

4. Seats and Seatbelts

We check the driver’s seat and belts if they are moving forward and backward, and the belt should be of adequate length.

5. Suspension Check

We check the shock absorbers of your vehicle by applying weight to each corner of the car.

There are dozens of checks to be performed if they are listed.

How much does it cost?

Currently, MOT costs £55 for cars and motor caravans. The MOT test for motorbikes cost £30 (approx).

If you do not want a fine for not having a valid MOT certificate, and you want your car in its best shape. Sit back and have a look on various services offered by us, while we complete your vehicle’s MOT test.  Drive straight Elite Tyre Solutions.

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