Important facts about MOT

Vehicles which are more than 3 years old need to go through an MOT test to ensure the safety standards are maintained.

On successfully passing the test, a vehicle would get an MOT certificate but if a vehicle fails the test, it needs to get an instant repair. In such a case, a driver is not allowed to take the car until the problem is resolved.

The MOT test is conducted at about 20,000 authorized exam centres across the country. In case an MOT certificate gets lost, one can easily look up to the official website to check the status. It is to be noted that as soon as the MOT gets expired, it becomes illegal to drive a vehicle. Therefore, on such events, an immediate new certificate is needed. Driving without an MOT is illegal, hence, every driver must get the test.

It is very important to prepare for an  MOT Whitchurch test. There is a long checklist to make sure even the little details get covered. These are—

  1. Make sure the number plate of a car is clean and properly placed.
  2. Window wipers should be cleaned and should not have stains.
  3. Inside of a car should be cleaned.
  4. Lights and indicators of a car should be working.
  5. Tyres should be inflated and should have the correct pressure.
  6. Horns must be working
  7. Mirrors should be cleaned.
  8. Oils and fuels should be levelled.
  9. Exhaust and brakes should be working.

An MOT Westerhope performs many checks on a vehicle. It normally takes 45-60 mins to complete.

In case a vehicle lacks any of the above, then there are repairs which are done that may take some time so the driver needs to leave his vehicle at-least for a day.

The fee of an MOT test fluctuates depending upon the type of a vehicle. A car with 8 passengers seats costs around £55. For a bike or a motorcycle, it is around £30.

What are the areas that are checked during a test?

Certain areas are checked and repaired by a professional Car Service Whitchurch craftsmen—

  1. Electrical Things- This includes headlights, brake lights, fog lights and indicators.
  2. Steering wheel- This checks the strength and durability of a wheel.
  3. Tyres- These are checked to figure out the tread depth and durability.
  4. Brakes- These are checked to know efficiency and quality.
  5. Exhaust- The exhaust system is checked to ensure there is no such leakage and the fuel is working fine.
  6. Mirrors and Wipers- These are checked to ensure there is no such hindrance at sight.
  7. VPN- It is important to check if the numbers are displaying properly.

It is thus important to take care of these areas as they determine the passing criteria of MOT.

The cars which are above 40 years old or are commercial vehicles, don’t necessarily need an MOT. But except these, every car owner must get an MOT test.

Sometimes MOT issues an advisory note when a vehicle is passed with the certificate but may have minor faults which still need to be fixed. These issues need to be dealt with in future to avoid any serious damage. Therefore, such notes act as a warning. If these are ignored one may fail an upcoming MOT test. However, if the checklist is meticulously taken care of by the driver, then a vehicle may pass the test without getting an advisory.

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