Is it Safe to Drive With Warped Rotors?

No, it is never safe to drive with warped rotors. But to understand the gravity of what the question and its answer mean, drivers need to know what are rotors and how their warping can affect the car’s performance.

First, let us look at what are rotors and what is the role they play in the functioning of a vehicle.

A vehicle is made up of a large number of parts coming together to work as a unit. So a problem in one part can affect other parts, like the domino effect and become the cause of bigger problems. The rotor is one such small part which can have far-reaching effects on the car’s performance.

A rotor is a small part of the overall mechanism that ensures braking on vehicles work as per their design. When brakes are applied the brake pads clamp down on the rotor braking its momentum. The rotor in turn, due to its connection with the wheels slows down the car. If you, as a driver, have a feeling that rotors in your vehicle are not functioning at the optimum levels, get them inspected asap and for Brake Repair Nottingham, visit Hucknall Lance Service Centre.

So, in essence, the rotor becomes one of the lynchpins that hold ensure the functioning of brakes in a vehicle in place.

What does the term ‘warped rotors’ mean?

Warping of the rotor means that the rotor has bent out of shape. The bending can happen because of a large number of reasons. It can be the effect of long years of disuse, exposure to natural elements, accidental damage or due to use of worn down brake pads. Whatever the reason, warped rotors are a nuisance, their bending has a direct effect on the brake pad’s ability to effectively clam down on them, this in turn, impacts the braking.

What are the symptoms of a warped rotor?

If rotors on a vehicle are warped, there are clear indications that will present themselves. These indicators include vibrations in the brake pedal, loss of effective braking, longer stopping distances and could even lead to failure of the braking mechanism.

Let us look at them in detail.

Vibrations in the braking pedal

When rotors in the braking system are warped, they have a direct impact on the way the braking pedal feels. There will be vibrations in the pedal, that increase with speed and hard braking. These vibrations are caused by the frothing of braking fluid. This frothing occurs because of constant shifts in the levels of force being exerted on it, which is caused if the rotors are warped.

Loss of effective braking

When a warped rotor is used on a vehicle, the first and foremost sign will be the loss of effective braking. Because of the warped rotors, the brake pads are unable to get a firm hold, this reduces the rate at which the pads exert pressure which in turn impacts the braking capabilities of the vehicle.

Increase in stopping distance

One of the main impacts of reduced braking is the increase in stopping distance of the vehicle. With ineffective pad and rotor contact, the wheels take longer to slow down, this delay in lowering speed of wheel’s rotation, in turn, increases the distance the car travels before coming to a complete halt.

All the aforementioned changes in the behaviour of the vehicle are a clear indication of why a car with warped rotors should not be used on a regular basis. They can be a safety hazard not just for the occupants, but also for pedestrians and other motorists. So the best way to avoid a situation where compromised braking becomes the cause of a problem, motorists are advised to ensure that rotors in their vehicle do not suffer from warping. Regular inspections should be undertaken with regular maintenance Car Service Nottingham to ensure warping does not go unnoticed. For the best maintenance service, diagnosis and repair work, visit Hucknall Lance Service Centre. A host of talented and highly trained mechanics form the bulk of their workforce, and their services are offered at extremely competitive prices with the promise of quality.

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