“Is That Treadwear Normal?” Understanding the Wear Pattern of Your Car’s Tyres

Tyre wear is a natural phenomenon. As you keep using your car, the friction against the road scrapes away its outermost layer over time. However, excessive or uneven tread-wear can happen due to various imperfections or malfunctions in car components. Identifying and repairing such issues is very important because not only you save a lot of money by extending the life of your car’s tyres, but you are also diagnosing and fixing any problems that can cause an unfortunate event later on.

Abnormal tread-wear can be categorized into centre wear, shoulder wear, feathered wear, cupped wear, flat spot wear, and toe wear. Let’s take a look into what causes them and what should you do to repair, or minimize the effect.

  • Centre wear – Centre wear is excessive erosion in the central 3/4th or the crown of a tyre. You will notice two bands of treads with a portion of smooth carcass in the middle.

Centre wear mostly happens because of over-inflation. If the crown bulges out, it wears out faster than the sides, causing excessive erosion. Maintain proper tyre pressure to eliminate this issue.

  • Shoulder wear – This is the exact opposite of centre wear. In this case, the shoulders wear out faster than the crown. You will notice the crown with usual tread depth, flanked by smoother strips of rubber on both sides.

Under-inflation causes excessive shoulder wear. Proper tyre pressure will remove this issue. Also, remember that tyre pressure decreases with dropping temperature, so during the winter months, you will have to check your car’s tyres Northampton or anywhere else in the UK more frequently.

  • Feathered wear – Feathering happens when a tyre has rounded edges on one side and sharper edges on the other. Feathering can be detected visually, or by running your hand on the surface of the tyres.

Feathering is a common cause of misaligned wheels. If you notice this issue, take your car to a service garage for re-alignment. You should also get the tyres changed as soon as possible. Head over to Jackson’s MOT Centre for the swap. They have a vast collection of high-quality car tyres available at attractive prices.

  • Toe wear – The ‘toe’ of a vehicle refers to the angle at which the tyres are aligned with the chassis. A deviation of that angle can cause your car’s tyres to wear out prematurely.

You will find your car’s tyres either pointing inwards or outwards. These situations, known as toe-in and toe-out respectively, wear out the outside, or inside wall of a tyre. Toe wear is also caused by wheel misalignment. To avoid this issue, follow a periodic maintenance schedule to check and repair any misalignment in your car’s wheels.

Unusual tread-wear reduces traction while you are driving, decreasing your car’s handling characteristics and increasing the chances of getting involved in an accident. Your car might also fail an MOT in Northampton or any other place in the UK because of the excessive tyre wear and the resultant below-par tread depth. Diagnose and prevent any such issues from happening by keeping these pointers in mind.

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