Is The Mot Test Important?

Living in the UK and planning on missing your MOT test? Not a good idea. Getting your vehicle’s MOT test done is extensively important as it determines the roadworthiness of the vehicle you drive. More precisely it will inspect all the parts that provide you safety while driving. Not only cars, but every vehicle be it your two-wheeler or trucks, buses, every vehicle needs to undergo an MOT test.

This test was initiated to reduce the percentage of road casualties on a road which was increasing rapidly. To control the accident fatalities, the government of the UK initiated the MOT Longton test to keep a check on the safety measures of the vehicle. The results of the test rapidly decreased the number of casualties on a road which made it clear that lack of maintenance of your vehicle is one of the reasons for increased road accidents and casualties. So, you should take it seriously and get it done without missing out on it.

It is believed by many motorists that the MOT test holds no importance, what they don’t know is, most of the casualties are taking place due to faulty parts in their vehicle and not overspeeding and bad driving. It is highly crucial to ensure that each part of your vehicle is working as properly maintained vehicles deliver better performance and show improved safety while driving on road.

For people who don’t know about MOT, it stands for Ministry of Transport and is a government-regulated test to check the safety measures of your vehicle. It is a mandatory test for all those with a vehicle over 3 years old because at this point your vehicle starts getting damaged and requires constant maintenance.

MOT test check: all the parts in your vehicle that provide your safety are checked in the MOT test. Like your tires, car battery, seat belts, suspension, fuel emission, windows, doors, and windshield, etc. All these parts will be examined in detail and no repair will be made. If any of the parts turn out to be faulty, you will be issued with an MOT fail certificate while if all the parts are found to be in a perfect working state, you will be issued an MOT pass certificate. This certificate will stay valid for only a year and before it expires, you will need to get your MOT test again.

One of the biggest misconceptions is the similarity and difference between MOT and car service. MOt is just the examination of the safety parts while Car Service Longton is done to repair various parts of your vehicle. Many experts suggest undergoing car service before heading for their MOT test as it increases the probability of passing the MOT on the first go. Getting car service will repair all the faulty parts and even replace parts that need replacement, so passing the MOT test becomes easier. 

Driving without an MOT certificate can be considered a crime in the UK as it is a mandatory test and every vehicle should get it done before their vehicle hits the road. If you are found driving without or failing the MOT test, you can be issued with a penalty of 2,500 pounds and a ban on your license. This is the least amount of punishment you will get if found guilty. So, don’t you think it is better to get your MOT test on time? It is cheaper than the penalty amount and you can easily get it done at the hot hatch corner garage without any hassle. You can book a prior appointment to save your time. 

You must get your MOT test before your existing one expires.

Consider the following scenario:

The MOT on an automobile expires on June 25th. As a result, the earliest you can get an MOT and keep the same renewal date for the next year is May 26th.

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