Is Your Car Changing Lanes By Itself? Here are Some Tips to Keep it On the Right Lane!

Lane deviation, or a car pulling to one side is a common issue faced by car owners around the world. It is frustrating and creates a significant safety hazard during your daily commute. A constant pull to any one side can cause you to take the wrong lane, a huge safety concern.

Anything from a defective suspension to misaligned car tyres in Manchester or anywhere else in the UK can cause this issue. Even natural wear in some components can cause an imbalance and disrupt the normal driving characteristics of your vehicle.

Fortunately, diagnosing such issues is relatively easy. Let’s take a look at some common reasons why your car might be leaning to one side.

Detecting The Problem

Lane deviation can happen because of incorrect tyre size, misaligned wheels, or even a malfunctioning suspension system. Here is how you should test each different component for a probable error.

1. Check The Tyres – All four tyres in your car should be of the same dimensions. If any one of the tyre is of a different size than your car will lean towards, or against that side, causing either to pull, or push it off that lane.

Check the sidewall marking to determine what size of tyres you are using. You should also check the manufacturer recommended size for your car tyres.

If you cannot find any recommendation and are unsure about what size tyre you should use, take it to Gilgal Tyre in Manchester and let the technicians help you with accurate services. You can also buy new tyres from their garage.

2. Look For Misalignment – Misaligned wheels can cause your car to pull to one side. Alignment is the angle of the wheels with its chassis and the tarmac. If your car’s wheels are misaligned, the wrong angle will steer it out of a straight line.

Another prominent sign is excessive wear of your car’s Tyres Manchester. If you notice such issues, take your vehicle for realignment as soon as possible.

3. Damage To The Chassis – If your car’s frame is severely damaged, it can pull to one side because of the misalignment. It typically happens after getting involved in a severe accident.

4. Check The Suspension – Damaged shocks and struts, and even weak springs can cause your car to lean to one side while you are driving. If your car is not sitting on a plain, the uneven weight distribution will cause it to veer off to one side.

You can also visually inspect this issue by parking your car on an even surface and looking for any droop at its sides.

Fixing Such Issues

  • Replace The Defective Part – You can replace specific malfunctioning parts to mend such issues. Components like suspension springs, struts, axle rods, can be easily overhauled. Changing the angle of the axles will also correct any misalignment issue.

  • Repair The Bent Chassis – You should take it to a body shop immediately and get it repaired in case your car is deviating from its lane because of a bent frame. Remember to get a wheel alignment done post the chassis repair to ensure all four wheels are at the correct angle.

Lane deviation is a serious safety hazard for you and the fellow drivers on the road. Take your car to a certified garage and let them take a thorough look at what is causing the issue to prevent a mishap for you and your vehicle.

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