Keep Your Tyres Healthy and Pass the MOT with these Simple Tips

The new changes to the MOT test made on 20 May, 2018 include multiple stringent regulatory changes. A new classification system has come into effect, to divide vehicles into segments as per their utility and type.

While “pass”, “advisory”, and “minor” results mean you have passed the test, “major” and “dangerous” results mean you have failed it. A failure will require you to address the cause of the failure immediately.

You will have to make necessary repairs and replacements in your car, before which you may not be able to drive it.

For example, if any of your car tyres have a tread depth lower than 1.6mm, you will have to replace the same immediately. To avoid the same, you can check the tread depth simply by inserting a 20p coin.

Tyres account for around 10% of all MOT test fails. To make sure your vehicle tyres don’t become a reason for you failing an MOT Boston, you can take various steps.

Some of these include:

  1. Check the Air Pressure

Your vehicle manual may tell you the correct air pressure for your vehicle tyres. Check the air pressure every month or so and keep them inflated.

Maintaining the correct air pressure also increases the structural rigidity and negates chances of easy punctures from unavoidable on-road debris.

  1. Align Your Wheels

Is your car pulling to one side? Do your car’s tyres have unusual and uneven tread wear? Is your steering wheel not coming back to its original position?

All of these are signs of wheel misalignment. Wheels become misaligned when driving over a curb, speed bump, or pothole at high speeds. Hence, they no longer remain parallel to each other and perpendicular to the road. Further, the steering axle might also become off-axis.

In such situations, you have to take your vehicle for a Wheel Alignment in Boston. Professional car garages like Mill Tyres have experienced technicians who can adjust the camber, toe, or caster angle of your vehicle wheels as per requirements.

  1. Balance the Wheels

Even if you purchase new tyres, they will surely lose optimal weight distribution across their circumference over time.

If imbalanced, you will notice your steering wheel vibrating, vehicle floorboard vibrating, and abnormal tyre wear. In such cases, take your car to a garage which provides wheel balancing services.

They will conduct either a static or dynamic balancing to stop your wheels from bouncing or wobbling respectively.

  1. Rotate the Tyres

You can rotate your car tyres to increase their longevity. Tyre rotation interchanges the position of the front and rear tyres.

As the front tyres take the maximum pressure, they get worn more quickly than the rear. Hence, interchanging them with the rear one can even out the tyre wear over all fours.

  1. Store Tyres the Right Way

Although not part of maintenance, storing tyres properly is critical to help you fit them to next time out.

Few points to follow when storing include:

  • Clean them properly with soap, detergent, and water; dry them.
  • Store them in airtight plastic bags.
  • Keep them vertical instead of stacking them.
  • Keep them away from heat, sunlight and UV rays.

By following the simple steps, you can get the most out of your tyres; and, you will also keep them healthy to pass an MOT test!

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