Keeping Your Car Safe during Winters with These Dos and Don’ts

Whether its snow, ice, high winds or heavy rains, adverse weather conditions make it risky for your car to drive. Surveys show that on an average, British roads face 7000 more accidents during winters than in summers.

It means cars are not well prepared to face these extreme conditions and thus falter. So, it’s better to follow certain dos and don’ts to avoid any mishap or breakdown, and keep it safe on the road and off it.

The Dos First –

  • A Health Check

It is better to be prepared than face the unfortunate consequences of an extreme weather condition. You can check your vehicle to ensure if it is fit for functioning in the freezing cold. Look for the available mix of antifreeze and water in your radiator. Ideally, it should be at a 50/50 ratio.

See that the battery is clean and does not have any rust accumulation on its terminals. Also, check the tread depth and pressure of Tyres in Boston, vehicle’s engine oil, etc.

You can also go to a nearby garage to ensure it is winter-ready. Many service stations, for example, Mill Tyres, provide the specialised service.

  • Prep up for a Long Drive

Keep an emergency kit for cold weather in your car at all times consisting of essentials like a torch, a spare cell phone battery/charger, blanket and shovel. More importantly, make sure you have sufficient charge in your car battery before heading out.

  • De-Ice Your Car Properly

Whenever you take your car out during winters, make sure you have removed all the snow and ice depositing over its mirror, lights and roof. Visibility during winter is on the lower side. De-icing your windshields, as well as other parts of the car, is thus vital.

  • Schedule an MOT

What about the most authentic safety check in the UK? Make a smart move by scheduling an MOT in Boston before winter. It will uncover all the safety concerns with your car in time. Let the professionals get your car ready for the winter.

  • Get a Breakdown Cover

It’s always better to make sure that your vehicle has a necessary breakdown cover for emergencies.

The Don’ts –

  • Don’t Clean Windscreen With Hot Water

Putting hot water on the windscreen will induce sudden temperature change, thus causing cracks. It is better to use a spray de-icer or scraper to remove the frost, which can instead speed up the process.

  • Don’t Take Your Vehicle Through a Flooded Road

A revelation made by AA says that the last 5 years have seen them rescuing over 21,000 cars stuck on such roads. Now, that’s a big number. It’s better to avoid than get stuck and this applies even if you have an SUV.

  • Don’t Ignore Forecasts

The Met office regularly issues warnings during severe conditions advising you not to drive unless there’s an emergency. Be wise and pay heed to them.

Showing these little concerns about your car can keep it safe and spare you from a lot of uninvited trouble.

So, stay cautious while it’s freezing outside!

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