Know About the Most Common Car Parts That Fail MOT

Every year, cars in the UK pass the MOT to be legally roadworthy. MOT stands for the Ministry Of Transport, headed by the DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency), which is the organisation that conducts this test. It is carried out across 21,000 DVSA authorised garages. In the context of roadworthiness, it’s essential to know that you must have an MOT certificate when driving.

You can be fined up to £1000 for driving without a valid MOT certificate. Thus, every car owner must register with a licensed garage for an MOT test before it expires. Now, many people worry about failing this check and suspect a garage’s intentions upon failing it. However, the truth is that technicians don’t receive any commercial incentives to find faults with your car. An identified defect means that your car indeed needs repair works.

For your convenience, here are the car parts that fail MOT checks most frequently.

Car Parts Most Likely to Fail in Mot

Malfunctioning Lights

A surprisingly high number of cars, about 19%, fail their MOT due to faulty lights. Lights are among the easiest-to-repair components, so make sure to check thoroughly if all your lights are fully functional before you go for a check.

Tip – Hazard lights cost as low as £5, and headlamps start from £25. So, replace any broken bulbs by yourself before you take your car for an MOT Test in Alfreton.


Suspension faults account for about 13% of all MOT failures. It’s easy to detect defects with your car’s suspension before it costs you a hefty fine. When you experience your car bouncing on every bump, lurching and nose-dipping with brakes, these are signs that your car’s suspension components are worn out.

Tip – Check your car’s wheel alignment when heading for an MOT as they are related to suspension defects. Additionally, replacing faulty shock absorbers beforehand will be cheaper than replacing them through a garage. They cost around £50 a piece.


7% of cars fail the MOT due to windscreen faults. As per the rules, a scratch of more than 10mm across the driver’s view will fail you in the test. It’ll be much cheaper to fix your car’s windscreen before an MOT, as you can save on premiums that are added to the repair charge.

Tip – Check your car’s windscreen wipers as well. If they leave any spots in their sweep, you can fail the MOT.

The Brakes

Brakes are crucial for your safety as well as that of others. An added impetus is provided to examining brakes in the MOT. Hence, almost 10% of cars fail the MOT due to problematic brakes. Brakes are one of the cheaper core parts to replace and repair. The most common parts of a brake system that needs replacement are the brake pads.

Tip – Replace old brake pads and opt for a Brake Repair Alfreton registering for an MOT. Additionally, make sure that the brake fluid is not contaminated and is at an appropriate level. Also, ensure that your car’s brake pedals don’t feel spongy or overly hard to press down.

You can register for an MOT up to one month before your certificate expires. Furthermore, always check a car garage’s license before registering. Professional garages such as Colemans Garage are approved by the DVSA to conduct MOT checks.

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