Know Everything about the Most Vital 6 Warning Lights in Your Car

All vehicles manufactured after 1996 have OBD or on-board diagnostics. The OBD consists of the Engine Control Unit (ECU), malfunction indicator lamps (MIL), and sensors.

These sensors send information to the ECU and report the performance of every car component. Malfunction indicator lamps on the dashboard will illuminate if there is a problem with any component, e.g. the TPMS will light up if you have under-inflated 4×4 Tyres in Alfreton.

You need to head over to a reputed car garage such as Colemans Garage in Alfreton, as soon as a dashboard indicator lights up. Let the experts find the issue and provide you with a repair or replacement for a complete resolution.

By connecting a car diagnostic scanner to the OBD’s diagnostic link connector (DLC), a mechanic can learn the precise problems in your car. The scanner provides diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) that correspond to a specific problem.

However, before all that, you will have to know that various dashboard lights. If you are going to own a car very soon, you have to learn what they mean.

  1. Oil Pressure and Oil Change

Oil pressure and oil change are two vital issues that a vehicle can have. An oil pressure light will indicate that there is a loss in your engine oil pressure and level. In that case, you have to do the following –

  • Wait for your engine to cool down.

  • Take out the dipstick and clean it properly.

  • Insert it into the oil reservoir and wait a few seconds.

  • Lastly, remove it and check the oil level.

The dipstick has two marks, and the oil level must remain between them. If lower, then you have to replenish the engine oil.

The oil change light will indicate your car’s engine oil needs changing. You have to replace the engine oil with a new one in such a situation.

  1. Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

An illuminating tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) can indicate low air pressure in your tyres. In such cases, you can use a tyre pressure gauge to check the inflation pressure. Refer to your car manual to know the ideal air pressure for your tyres. For refilling, you can head over to a professional garage.

However, a flashing or illuminated TPMS light may not always mean low inflation of your car Tyres in Alfreton. It can also indicate a malfunctioning TPMS, which will obviously require a professional diagnosis.

  1. ABS Light

If the ABS light goes off, then it can indicate various problems. In such cases, you have to take your car for professional diagnosis.

  1. Glow Plug Light

A Glow Plug light is present only in diesel cars. If illuminated, you must not start your car as long as it turns off.

  1. Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Light

This light also comes with diesel cars and indicates that your vehicle is running on diesel exhaust fluid.

  1. Run-Flat Indicator

Your car will have a Run-Flat indicator if fitted with a run-flat passenger or 4×4 Tyres in Alfreton. In such conditions, you have to check your tyres for any punctures or low air pressure.

These included some of the crucial indicator lights you need to keep a check on. Your car might also come with other warning lamps depending on the model and make.

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