Know more about perfect Tyre pressure for your cars

Tyres are filled with certain air pressure that provides the necessary rigidity to the tyre. It is because of this rigidity the tyres can maintain a shape suitable for rotation. But with usage and with changing temperature the air pressure reduces and it requires tyres to be refilled with the reduced amount of air pressure. In case you fail to maintain the air pressure and use the tyre in such a condition or have excess air filled it can be risky for tyre and can result in tyre failure. Thus, it is essential to maintain appropriate air pressure in the tyre. The correct amount of tyre pressure is specified by the manufacturer in the SI units of PSI and it can be found either written on the door, in the manual, on the boot lid or on the fuel door.

Tyre pressure

If the pressure within the tyre is not sufficient then various problems might be encountered like reduced fuel efficiency, poor handling and rapid wearing out of the tyres. The tyres Great Shelford PSI values are mentioned on the manual specified by the manufacturers and vary as per the load capacity, tyre size and the location of the tyre i.e. front or rear location. It is imperative to maintain a proper PSI to not only ensure the longevity of the car but also one’s safety.

The air pressure in tyres is measured in pounds per square inch (PSI). For the majority of the tyres, the recommended pressure is around 30 to 35 PSI. The air pressure of the tyre is severely impacted by the temperature. For summer tyres the manufacturers recommend the pressure to be nearly 30 PSI. For all the 4X4 tyres the pressure that has to be maintained is between 31 and 38 PSI. The pressure in the tyres for different types of terrains may vary as well. If the roads are rough and gravel filled then the pressure must be in the range of 26 to 32 PSI.

In the case of winter tyres, these tyres must be inflated 0.2 bars more than the recommendation of the summer tyres. For all-season Nexen tyres Sawston the recommended air pressure is in between 30 to 35 PSI.

How to maintain proper tyre pressure

If someone thinks that knowing about the PSI is enough to maintain the tyre pressure then he/she is making a huge mistake. Experts believe that one should check the pressure of the tyres every time he/she goes for the refuelling. It is even more important to check the PSI of the tyres in winter and when there are heavy changes in temperature. When the weather conditions begin to fluctuate the tyres lose their air even more rapidly and regular checkup of air pressure is necessary. We at Sawmoco Ltd are a reputed centre that ensures that your tyre pressure is checked whenever your vehicle comes to our centre.


It is highly recommended to maintain the right amount of pressure in the tyres so that the safety while driving is not hampered. Maintaining the right pressure also improves the longevity of the tyres. To get the right kind of guidance related to tyre pressure the customers can directly walk-in at the service centre of Sawmoco Ltd. Our teams of highly trained experts provide all the necessary help associated with tyre pressure and maintenance.

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