Know The Differences Between Summer, Winter And All Season Tyres and Learn Their Importance!

When people go to buy tyres, most of them choose to go for either summer or all-season tyres. Now, both of these tyre types are a necessity for cars, but winter tyres are equally as important. Most people don’t give a second thought to buying new cars for the winter unless they get snowfall in their area.

But it is best to remember that each of these tyres has their unique features and thus are needed to ensure optimum safety on roads. So, if you are looking to buy new tyres in Bicester, it is crucial to know about the differences between the different kinds of tyres available.

Summer tyres:

When a person purchases a new car, it mainly comes with a summer tyre. These tyres have certain properties that help them to perform optimally during the summer months. For instance:

  • They perform better when the weather is warmer because they have a hard compound with gradually softens with a milder temperature.
  • These tyres are equipped with a specific tread that reduces the chances of aquaplaning. Thus, if you need new tyres in Bicester, these are the best because they perform equally well on both dry and wet roads.
  • The compound in summer tyres that softens when the temperature becomes milder often freezes and becomes brittle when the temperature drops drastically. Thus, they are unsuitable for places with harsh winters.

Some of the best summer tyres Bicester are ContiVanContact 100 from Continental, NFera SU1 from Nexen, etc.

Winter Tyres:

Perhaps the most ignored category when it comes to tyres, most people don’t bother to change their tyres when winter arrives. But that is a huge mistake as it elevates the risk of accidents. Let’s see why-

  • They are mostly made from a more natural rubber that remains flexible even when the temperature dips. A soft tyre enables it to have a stronger grip on icy roads and improves handling.
  • The winter tyres have a type of groove in their treads (also called sipes) that help it to repel water and reduce the chance of aquaplaning. These grooves also help to establish a strong grip on the ice and snow on roads, keeping the car stable.
  • They have an asymmetrical tread which is the best for icy roads. Also, the treads are much deeper than summer tyres to helps tyres grip the snow with ease. Thus car tyres in Bicester include winter tyres as the roads get pretty icy at the end of the year!

Some of the best winter tyres are WinGuard Sport 2, WinGuard Ice from Nexen, UltraGrip 9, UltraGrip Performance from Goodyear etc.

All Season Tyres:

Ideal for places with mild temperature, all season tyres work fantastically in balanced weather conditions. Some features of these tyres are:

  • They are well equipped to handle all weather conditions. They perform well in summer, can handle rainfall and even work perfectly well during the occasional snowfall or hailstorm.
  • Even though summer and winter tyres provide overall better traction, each of them may not work well in the opposite seasons. So if you live somewhere with mild weather, all season tyres are the way to go!

Some of the available all season new tyres in Bicester are AllSeasonContact and VanContact 4Season from Continental, N7000 Plus, NFera AU7 from Nexen etc.

Each of these tyres is unique in their way and brings something new to the table. Car drivers can choose the one according to their requirements. One of the retailers that keep a huge stock of all three is Phillips Tyres Bicester; so drivers can easily access any of the tyres they need!

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