Know the Reasons behind Tyre Wear and How to Avoid it

Keeping tyres in their optimum condition creates the difference between a safe drive and a fatal one. Given such circumstances, it is undoubted that each aspect determining the tyre’s overall performance needs to be kept under routine check-ups.

Tyres in Preston are susceptible to the maximum damage as it bears continuous exposure to extreme weather conditions. One such condition is tyre wear which often leads to reduced traction, and hence, accidents. Additionally, tyre wear may also become a hurdle during an MOT test. Thus, it is mandatory to try avoiding it for as long as possible or replace the tyre when it is worn beyond safety parameters.

Read on to find out all about tyre wear, and make sure to follow these tips:

  1. Cause: Incorrect wheel alignment –

Uneven Tyres in Preston wears are often a result of misaligned wheels. Types of misalignment determine the kind of tyre wear. Here are a few of these:

  • Feather Edge: Excessive toe and caster (improper settings of wheel alignment) leads to smoother tread ribs on one side, and sharper ribs on the other side.
  • Heel/toe: Extreme negative or positive causes the faster wearing of tread blocks on one side as compared to the other, circumferentially.
  • One-sided Shoulder: Excessive positive or negative camber results in uneven tread wear on either the inside or the outside of the tread’s shoulder rib.


In case of such issues in wheel alignment, it is advisable that you approach the experts in this field. You can always take your car to Star Tyres and avail their services. They not only specialise in wheel alignment, but also tyre fitting, tyre mounting, wheel balancing, etc.

  1. Cause: Improper Inflation Pressure –

In case you drive with over or underinflated Tyres in Preston, it results in faster and uneven tyre wear because of excessive generation of heat, and extra flexing of rubber.

  • With under-inflation, tyres wear out on both of the outside shoulders due to disproportionate contact with the road surface.
  • On the other hand, over-inflation results in excessive air in the middle of Car Tyres in Preston. It results in bulged tyre centre, leading to more road contact. It results in uneven and premature tyre wear.


  • Keep a routine check on inflation pressure of Car Tyres Preston.
  • Check on the pressure only when tyres are cold.

With an adequately inflated tyre, there is an optimisation of braking, cornering, acceleration of treads, and distribution of vehicle load.

  1. Bent Wheels –

Bent wheels result in increased vibration in a vehicle, which spoils the overall driving experience. It can be detected through vibrations in the steering wheel, brake pedal, and at certain high speeds. It causes wheels to wobble, making a vehicle unstable, and results in tyre scallops.


  • Since this involves an issue with mechanical parts, so it is best left to be dealt with by experts. Take your car to the nearest garage and get the best diagnosis possible.

Tread wear can be detected at its earliest with the help of regular tyre rotation after every 5000 miles, check up on the tyre pressure with an accurate gauge, and adjusting some of your driving habits. In case of tyre wear beyond the set safety parameter, get your tyres online from trusted, reputed garages only.

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