Know the Secrets to Maintain Your Car’s Brakes And Clutch Properly

Brakes and clutches are the most used components of a car. However, most people take these parts for granted, and hardly anyone thinks about how many parts work together every time you use your brakes!

Even a slightly malfunctioning brake could lead to a catastrophic accident. Just why you’ll more often than not find that brakes are part of your car’s safety features as well as its performance.

A clutch, on the other hand, let’s you shift through gears. So, when even if your car has an automatic transmission, you have a mechanical clutch shifting through the gears for you.

Thus, proper maintenance of your car’s brake and the clutch is essential. This blog will let you in on the secrets of how to keep them in top working conditions.

Here are a few ways you can maintain your vehicle’s brakes.

  • Brake soft in high speeds:

One of the worst things you can do is single-brake from high speeds to nought. Doing this puts excessive pressure on the brakes, making them wear rapidly and causing structural damage. Instead, use small brake inputs to reduce the momentum over time. Now, this is definitely not something you can do in emergency situations. The point is to avoid hard-braking every time out so that you do not need a brake repair Spalding any time soon.

  • Reduce weight:

Braking with extra weight on the car puts a lot of strain on the brake, increasing its rate of wear. Also, sudden braking with more weight increases the braking distance by a significant margin due to the car’s momentum.

  • Check the brake fluid regularly:

Regular checking of the brake fluid is another way to preserve your brake life. In technical terms, it is known as flushing and bleeding. Changing the brake fluid prevents the inner part of the system function smoothly. It also helps in the efficient functioning of the internal components of the brakes.

Now, let’s look at how you can preserve your clutch:

  • Use the brake not the clutch on a steep slant:

If you’ve stalled at an incline, use your handbrake if your car is rolling backwards. Using the clutch to shift your gears continuously will significantly damage it. It puts excessive pressure on the clutch which decreases the life of the component considerably.

  • Do not use the clutch while braking:

It is much better to downshift efficiently and then correctly apply the brakes to slow down your car or stop it. That would put less strain on the clutch system, increase its lifespan and ensuring that you do not need frequent clutch repair in Spalding.

These are only a few ways to maintain your vehicle’s brake and clutch. Keeping them in top condition has everything to do with your safety and that of your fellow passengers.

However, there will be certain unforeseen circumstances where you would need to seek a professional’s help to fix them. That is when you should visit trustworthy service centres such as Matmore Motor Parts.

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