Know The Warning Signs That Your Vehicle’s Clutch Needs Replacement

Most vehicle owners prefer manual transmission as it offers reliability over an automatic transmission. It provides you with the utmost control over your vehicle’s shifting and provides an exceptional driving experience. However, as other major components need maintenance, similarly, a manual transmission needs repairing at some point. The most frequent thing that you require replacing is the clutch. As a car owner, you must know the signs that your clutch is failing and needs replacement.

Understand Your Clutch

Firstly, to determine your clutch is failing, you need to go through the basics what goes under the hood. The clutch plays a vital role in your car’s manual transmission. It separates your engine from the car’s wheels. This action ensures gear shifting even when your car’s engine is running.

A vehicle’s clutch consists of 3 components –

  • Clutch Plate

  • Pressure Wheel

  • Flywheel

A fully-functional clutch operates these 3 components without any glitch to ensure a smooth transmission. When your vehicle’s clutch starts failing, you’ll notice specific warning signs.

Warning Signs of a Failing Clutch

1. Strange Noises From the Clutch

While you engage the clutch, do you notice a squeaking or a shrill sound? This is a possible indication that your car’s clutch is failing. A properly functioning clutch operates smoothly and quietly. Make sure the moment you hear any strange noises from the vehicle’s clutch, take it for an inspection.

However, keep noticing if it’s not the tyres that are making the strange sounds. In case of faulty tyres, you need to take it for a repair or replacement. Refer to professional expertise; bring your vehicle at a reputable workshop for Car Repair Slough.

2. Engine Revving Even Without Acceleration

Under normal circumstances, your vehicle can shift through all the gears without any lags. But, if you’re noticing sudden engine revs even without acceleration, it is a strong indication of a failing clutch. A faulty clutch starts to slip off leading to engine revving even in absence of power. This is the most noticeable symptom and must be addressed immediately.

3. Problematic Shifting

Shifting in a manual transmission is usually smooth. A driver engages vehicle’s clutch, change gears and lets off the clutch effortlessly under normal circumstances. So if you’re facing issues with shifting, it is a warning signal that your clutch needs immediate attention.

4. Irregular Clutch Response

When you’re applying your clutch, does it feel spongy or stiff? Did you encounter any odd vibration or shuddering? Chances are your clutch is malfunctioning, and it needs inspection.

Sometimes, you might notice the feel of clutch slowly changing over time. It is a tricky situation as such minute signs are hardly noticeable. You can drop your vehicle at a professional service station like Triple S MOT Centre for a full diagnosis of engine components and Car Repair in Slough.

Hence, the best way to make sure your clutch doesn’t give up suddenly is to get it diagnosed from time to time. You must take notice of the mentioned warning signs and get your clutch serviced immediately.

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