Know Your Tyres: Few Basics Everyone With A Car Should Be Aware Of

Tyres are just as important to your car like the engine and other parts. However, young and old motorists, alike, tend to avoid tyres.

When it comes to deriving the right performance from your car, understanding tyres and how to use them properly will help the most. This blog post goes over the simplest and the easiest things to know about car tyres:

Switching and rotating: Which one to choose and when?

Switching your Car Tyres Tamworth or in any other place is when you do away with your old tyres with new ones. Switching your tyres simply means that you get new tyres.

Rotating your tyres is a simple procedure of taking the tyres in the front and fitting them in the rear. In most cases, this is done every 6,000 to 8,000 kilometres. The reason why motorists are advised to rotate tyres is to ensure that the tyres do not wear out unevenly.

You do not need to switch your tyres before they go bad. Usually, a set of tyres will last you five to seven years. However, that depends on how much you drive your car. Manufacturers provide you with warranties as well.

That said, you need to keep a check on the distance. Once you hit the mark for rotation to rotate them. Switching your tyres is easy when you know if your tyres are in good condition or not.

Different types of tyres: Which one to choose?

Tyres may seem normal on the outside, but closer inspection helps you to understand the differences. Tread patterns, especially, set your tyres apart.

You can broadly find summer tyres, winter tyres, all-season tyres and performance tyres. All of these tyres have a specific role. Summer tyres are designed for dry conditions and these reduce aquaplaning. Winter tyres are designed for winters and traversing the snow. All-season tyres can handle any weather condition. Performance tyres are made for making driving at high speeds easier.

That said, understanding these types of tyres will help you to decide as to which one suits you. If you’re confused, you can always ask your repair and maintenance service providers.

Why do you need new tyres?

When it comes to your car, more than Michelin Tyres or other brands, it is necessary to get the right fit at the right time.

Tyres essentially help you move your car without compromising its efficiency. That said, new tyres help you to make sure that the performance is not imbalanced. When you own a car, here is what you need to know about tyres:

  • New tyres will help you to keep yourself safe on the road. Furthermore, it will allow you to make the most of your car.
  • New tyres will help you to improve driving on different terrains. New tread patterns gave better grip, which makes it easy to drive.
  • That said, new tyres add to safety aspects as well.
  • Interesting Fact: Car tyres are crucial for MOT checks

MOT checks are mandatory in the UK. One of the reasons why some cars do not get a green light when it comes to MOT is because of ill-managed tyres. Ensure that you maintain your car tyres.

Before your MOT check, ensure that:

  • Your tyres are devoid of faults, the professionals will check for faults.
  • The treads are not too worn out.
  • Ensure that your car’s tyres have the right pressure as well.

With that being said, it is crucial to find the right tyres. Although maintaining plays a role, the right fit and the right brand makes a difference. Instead of focusing on just one brand, like Michelin Tyres Tamworth, considering checking different brands and their benefits for your driving style.

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