Last Minute Pre-MOT Checklist – How to Make Your Car MOT Ready

Around 1.5 million vehicles in the UK fail the MOT every year. With the updated MOT requirements that came into action on 20th May 2018, it might seem that clearing this test has become even harder.

However, a simple inspection of your car can make sure that all the components are in good shape and ready to clear an MOT test. It takes only a few minutes to check whether they are in proper order although you have the option to take your vehicle to a garage for necessary repairs. It all comes down to avoiding a VT30 certificate after an MOT in Northampton or any other part of the country.

So, let’s go through the list of components that you should check before going for an MOT.

2. Lights and Horn – An MOT test checks the safety and road worthiness of a vehicle. That means your car headlights, brake lights, indicators and horns will be among the first components on the checklist. So, before you take your car for an MOT, check on these parts and the warning indicators for proper functionality. Also, remember to test its horn to see if it is okay or not.

The new regulations also include testing the reversing lights of your car. Check those, as well its brake lights before heading out for a test.

2. Tread Depth – In the UK, it is illegal to drive with tyres that have less than 1.6 mm of tread depth. Your car will also not clear an MOT if the tyres are worn out.

Before you take it for a test, measure its tread depth with a simple household hack. Take a 2p coin and insert it inside the central 1/4th section of the tyre tread. Now, check if the coin is visible from the tyre’s sides. If it is, then its tread depth is below the recommended level. Repeat this process on all four tyres of your vehicle.

Since 20th May 2018, tyre pressure also comes under an MOT test. You can measure inflation with a tyre pressure gauge. Also, if you own an Audi, the first manufacturer to standardize indirect TPMS across their lineup, check if there is any system warning before you take your Audi MOT in Northampton.

3. Number Plates and VIN – Take a look at the number plates to check whether they are clean and visible, and if both plate lights are working correctly or not. According to the rule, registration plates should be visible from at least 20 meters. It is better to clean them before you go for an MOT.

Also, check if its VIN is visible on the chassis or not. Worn out VINs will result in failing an MOT.

4. Windscreen, Wipers, and Cleaning Fluids – Check the driver’s view. Look for any damage on the windshield. Cracks longer than 40mm or damage wider than 10mm are a strict no-no.

The wipers should be in good condition and not too rigid when you take a test. Wiper blades should not be torn in any place either.

Also, make sure there is enough washer fluid left in the container. An empty fluid washer fluid cylinder can fail an MOT. Top it up before you head out for a test.

All these can be checked within a few minutes and can save you from the trouble of an MOT fail. For requisite diagnosis take your vehicle to a service garage like Superior Cars for professional assistance.

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