Let us talk about Bridgestone Smart Tyre

Autonomous Vehicles have started dominating the current landscape of the vehicle industry, thus manufacturers are now forced to work towards making them more reliable and safe. All the leading tyre manufacturers are competing to be the first one to introduce smart next-gen technologies like ICT (Information Communication Technology) for improving the mobility service. The biggest aspect apart from making driving decisions in automated vehicles is to know about the road condition. This has led to the emergence of smart tyres. Smart tyres are tyres embedded with intelligent systems like embedded microprocessing chips or support for gathering real-time data of the tyre surroundings. This data can then be processed and communicated to the driver for taking corrective decisions to ensure safe driving on roads. 


A tyre is the only component in a vehicle that has any contact with the road, thus it has the responsibility of stopping, turning, driving, and holding all the load. Smart or Intelligent tyres are the future technology that shall enhance safety on roads and shall enhance the customer driving experiences. When it comes to speaking about the best tyre manufacturing company, Bridgestone is the name that comes first to the minds of many. With the overall objective of creating secure and safe mobility, Bridgestone has been able to develop the first of its kind Smart Strain Sensor technology. The purpose of this technology is to gather wear and tear information of the tyre even at a very slow speed.


Smart Strain Sensor Technology


This new technology from Bridgestone Tyres Mildenhall has the capability of estimating the load on the wheel axle along with tyre wear conditions with the help of a sensor. These sensors are attached to the inner wall of the tyre. Also, there is an algorithm within the sensors that gathers all the data and sends it to the cloud.


Benefits of this Smart tyre technology


With the help of this technology, a wide range of information can be easily tracked in real-time. This technology also gives us a chance of detecting a future tyre based problem, thereby ensuring, both, the driver and the vehicle is safe.


Practical Implementation of the Smart tyre Technology


If we talk about the practical implementation then Tyres Mildenhall are relatively cheaper in comparison to its integration, and maintenance. However, it would not be wrong to say that anything can happen in the future, innovations might be able to make these tyres more economical. Another aspect on which Bridgestone needs to work is the battery life of the sensor. Also, there might be some issues related to the replacement of batteries as well.


There are many reasons because of which the strains may be caused for example pressure, moments, heat, structural changes associated with the material, and force. Whether all these factors have been taken into consideration by Bridgestone or not is still a mystery. There is an increased possibility that the availability and cost of technologies like ICT and IoT will expand for sure. It is essential to promote innovative ideas in the automotive sector as their only objective is to ensure the safety and security of not only the vehicle but also the driver. Thus, it would be wonderful if Bridgestone can overcome all the obstacles in their path and create a smart tyre that would have smart strain sensor technology.

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