Let Your Sports Car Reflect Your Driving Passion – Unleash the Performance with Nexen Tyres

Pretty new to the tyre renaissance, but Nexen isn’t a let-down! Over 70 years, they have brought to the market a wide range of summer, winter and all-season tyres equipped with the latest technologies.

So, if you’ve purchased a brand new sports car, here’s revealing a few Nexen facts which establish why you can pick this brand for your next set of car tyres Rotherham.


Nexen Tyres – What it Offers?

  • Nexen uses thick rubber layering over tyres to prevent it from facing internal damage or external abrasions.
  • The treads and sidewalls are made using superior rubber sheets which are first refined, thus, resulting in models which promote smooth noise free rides.
  • The Nexen Tyre Vehicle Dynamic testing centre creates the latest evaluation in technology for delivering tyres with superior safety and mobility in all road conditions.

Moving on, here are the most preferred Nexen tyres you can check out for your new sports car from the extensive range of ETS Auto Centre tyres Rotherham or elsewhere.

  1. CP641 for Dry Roads

The CP641 with directional tread blocks offers responsive handling and traction, especially on dry roads. Additionally, there are few extra features to look forward to if you purchase this model as your new tyres in Rotherham –

  • Circumferential and lateral tread grooves to evacuate water in case the rain comes.
  • Rigid cornering stability courtesy to enhanced block design.
  • High-speed stability as a result of twin type centre rib, so a little speeding is forgivable too.
  1. CP661 for Snow-Laden Roads

So, dread taking your new sports car in winter? But, hey, snow-covered roads don’t mean you can’t take her out for a ride! Just pick the CP661 from trusted automobile garages while purchasing your new set of Tyres in Rotherham.

What will it offer you?

  • 4-wide straight grooves which help in preventing hydroplaning by providing quick drainage options.
  • Straight centre rib for providing secure and superior handling.
  • Enhanced cornering and handling stability courtesy to new and improved centre blocks.
  1. N6000 for All-Purpose Driving!

Looking for the perfect tyre to suit all driving conditions and face any roadside odds?

Well, Nexen’s N6000 is your best bet! Check why –

  • The continuous centre rib guarantees straight line stability even when the car is speeding.
  • Excellent handling options in all unexpected roadside conditions.
  • Four channel grooves help in offering resistance to hydroplaning situations and prevent the car from overturning or skidding.

So, check out this range or similar ranges for your brand new sports car, while picking your new tyres from anywhere in the UK.

  1. Nfera SU1 for Wet & Dry Conditions!

Getting straight to the point here; this model is a winner because of the following features –

  • Comes with one semi groove alongside three main grooves for providing maximum driving performance and superior handling.
  • Uses Dry Grip technology for enhanced braking performance.
  • Designed with optimum surface split siping for improved wet & dry traction.
  • Uses forced feedback during high-speed cornering to provide optimal steering stability.

Do you now see why equipping your new car with Nexen tyres can be a win-win situation for both you and your sports car? Then, check out these ranges or more, from the best auto garage in your neighbourhood.

Have a safe drive!

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