Little Facts of an MOT Test

Owning a car is no more a luxury but rather a necessity. But alongside that, there are things that every owner needs to remember as they come as a package with the vehicle. Like any other thing, automobiles also need proper attention and care as well as a thorough evaluation regularly. In fact, evaluation is most important even amongst all the three things mentioned. Without a proper assessment of the car’s health condition, it is almost impossible to provide the needed care and maintenance to it. Hence, here comes in the role of an MOT test.

What Does MOT Mean?

As most of us must be aware of, MOT as a name has been derived from the Ministry of Transport. This is now a mandatory evaluation process for all vehicles. But yes, there is a catch! It is a test for checking the condition of a vehicle and how roadworthy it is. Since new cars are not usually a threat, it is applicable only for the vehicles that have been owned for over three years. If you bought a car fairly recently, then you can rest for now till it becomes eligible for the MOT Test. It is a simple check-up done once every year.

A Short History of MOT

This practice of evaluation of automobiles was not there from the beginning of the use of cars. It started from the year 1960, as directed by the Minister of Transport, under the Road Traffic Act of 1956.

In the initial years, it was a simple checkup of brakes, steering and lights of a vehicle and was done every ten years. But this proved to be insufficient for restraining the use of damaged and unsafe cars on the road. It was also popular as the “ten-year test”. The unexpectedly high failure rates led to the reduction of the ten-year gap and it was fixed at seven years. That, too, turned out to be futile in maintaining road safety and the dangerous cars were running on the road without any restriction. The test frequency was subsequently brought down to three years and finally, the success rate could be noticed. But there were still road accidents happening due to the poor health of automobiles as the complete control on the troubled cars was not yet achieved. Finally, in 1983, MOT was made into a yearly assessment of the vehicles of the UK.

Not just the frequency, many other changes were made in the rules of Alfa Romeo MOT Northampton over the years. It included more than just brakes, steering and lights for checking. The transition saw the inclusion of things like the washers and windscreen wipers, indicators, horns, exhaust system, the body of the vehicle, fuel system and emission tests, tyre tread checks, etc. in the MOT test. 

MOT & Servicing are Separate Things

There is a common mistake that many of the drivers make, that is mixing up between MOT Northampton and servicing. But that is not at all the case and more importantly, they are completely different. The annual servicing is what you need, for your car to remain in proper health. Car servicing is the maintenance of a vehicle which includes fixing the issues noticed, checking all things and tuning them according to the standard level. On the other hand, MOT is just for checking whether the automobile is safe to be on the road. If not, the MOT certificate contains all the information about the reasons for its test failure. 

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