Maintenance Tips and Tricks to Help Extend Your Car’s Life

Owning a car comes with a good deal of responsibility on you to keep it in good condition for as long as possible. Besides, if it is actionably possible to extend the years and miles with just a few tips and tricks along the way, why not then?

Make the best of these tips and tricks to run your car longer!

Patience during the break-in period

The first 1,000 miles of a newly bought car is the all-too-important break-in period. Just a few worthy tips to keep in mind –

  • It is best to keep the driving speed within 55 mph and avoid rushing.

  • Do not keep it idle for long periods because the oil will be unable to lubricate a new engine thoroughly.

  • Go easy on the brakes too.

  • Take it out on the highway and drive it in top gear at low rpm.

Keep regular driving checks

  • Give your car a slow acceleration when beginning to drive and don’t rush off. Keep the engine rpm within 3,000 for the first few drives.

  • Do not warm the engine by leaving it idle on the driveway as it may cause incomplete combustion of fuel, soot deposit, oil contamination and eventual damage.

  • Avoid over-speeding off during extreme hot or cold conditions.

  • Refrain from speedy steep turns as it may damage the power steering pumps along with damage to brand new tyre treads.

Preserving the vehicle during long-term storage

If you plan to store it for over a month, take note of these essentials –

  • Keep the gas tank filled and add a de-icer to keep any moisture or frost from accumulating.

  • Wash it thoroughly and apply wax to keep it shiny.

  • Avoid corrosion of the brakes by disengaging your vehicle’s parking brake.

  • Put your car on jack stands for lifting the weight off the wheels and tyres.

  • Disconnect the battery so that it doesn’t drain out. Or better, charge it periodically.

  • Keep the tailpipe plugged with a rag to avoid moisture infiltration.

Don’t miss servicing dates

Your owner’s manual will carry instructions related to car servicing. It is essential to follow them and go for professional assistance as per requirements. You can take it to professional auto garages such as Auto Surefit for a routine car service in Wolverhampton. They can also assist in an MOT other than specific component-specific services.

Proper care for wheels and tyres

  • Go for routine wheel balancing and wheel alignment in Wolverhampton. Misaligned and unbalanced wheels lead to delicate handling, uneven tyre wear and irreparable suspension damage if left unattended.

  • Keep the tyre inflation pressure as per manufacturer recommendations.

  • Check tyre tread depth. The minimum legal limit is 1.6 mm. Go for proper maintenance if it falls below the 3 mm mark.

  • Go for tyre rotation after every 6,000 to 7,000 miles.

These little efforts will help you drive your car for longer, while additionally saving you from going for avoidable expensive repairs. Stick to these tips with just a monthly maintenance routine and get more years out of your car.

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