Maintenance Tips for Your Car Tyres During Summer

While tyres have to go through tests and checks during an annual MOT in Totton to ensure safety, car drivers should also go for regular inspections for wear and tear. Safety is paramount irrespective of weather conditions.

Traffic authorities have always urged car owners to go through routine checks of their tyres and avoid driving on worn out tyres during the hot months. It not only leads to tyre wear and early replacement but also causes a threat to road safety and security.

Numerous cases of tyre burst have been reported during summer times because of worn out tyres. It has also been a cause for severe on-road accidents. Usually, these bursts are a result of excessive heat that leads to early tyre degradation.

To keep your tyres and yourself safe from any mishap during high temperatures, keep this maintenance guide in mind.

A check before those long journeys

Long journeys can bring up uncalled for situations with no resource to fix them. Hence, it is vital that one inspects tyre conditions before embarking on that long journey or taking the highway route for a drive. It is also advisable to keep good quality tyres, more specifically summer tyres Totton mounted during the hot months for a safer long journey.

A thought for tyre replacement

It is essential to know when to replace your tyre. For that, you need to understand the intricacies and the variables to the service life of a tyre. Manufacturers’ recommendations vary between 60,000 to 90,000 miles of before replacement.

Besides, it also depends on the surface you drive on, your driving pattern and the average inflation pressure. An over or under-inflated tyre affects the vehicle’s overall performance including braking distance, fuel consumption, handling, safety, etc. Keeping these little details in mind while taking your car for drives during summer will give them a longer lease of life.

Tyre rotation – the smart move

Car tyres should be rotated every 8,000 miles ideally. For rotation, you need to take your car to a nearby service station like Totton Tyres & Exhaust and get the front wheels exchanged with rear ones. It optimises their performance as front tyres face greater friction than rear ones and wear out early. Tyre rotation brings back the balance and delays the need to replace them.

Some quick tips –

  • Before every drive, take a quick look around your car as a daily safety check. It will ensure any impending damage is mitigated.

  • Check out for any visible signs of damage like cracks, uneven wear, exposed cables, lumps on the tyre, tread damage, etc.

  • Check the inflation level of car tyres once every 2 weeks to ensure they run on optimum pressure.

  • Avoid using tyres that are more than 5 years old to ensure basic safety standards for you, your co-passengers and for everyone on road.

These well-kept guides make sure your tyres give you a safe drive while being in good condition to provide you with some extra thousand miles of run. for more detail visit our website

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