Make Your Car Clutch Last Longer with these Preventive Maintenance Tips

The performance of the clutch significantly depends on how you drive and maintain it. These factors affect the lifespan of this component as well.

You can get a clutch repair Nottingham from any auto garage if you notice an issue while driving. However, a failing clutch is not a sudden phenomenon; there are numerous discernible warning signs before the clutch finally give up.

Warnings Of A Bad Clutch

  • A significant indication of a bad clutch is having a hard time shifting gears or getting it into reverse.
  • The vehicle functions poorly with a faulty clutch. Your car will start out at a slow pace in spite of a high revving engine.
  • You’ll hear squeaking noise whenever you put pressure on it.
  • On shifting gears, the clutch will make a grinding sound.
  • You will notice that there is excessive vibration or the pedal has turned spongy.
  • Furthermore, the transmission sometimes makes noise when you keep the car in neutral gear.

Now that you know the signs of a failing clutch, changing some of your driving habits can ensure that you see less of those warnings from now on.

Some Easy Clutch Care Tips

  1. Don’t Apply Sudden Brakes While Driving

It usually happens when you see a red traffic light. However, try coming to a stop by slowing down and getting ready to stop by downshifting gradually as needed in the traffic. It enables the driver to avoid any clutch slippage which, in turn, helps in the smooth running of the engine.

  1. Don’t Make It A Habit Of Keeping Your Foot On The Clutch

Many people have the habit of leaving a foot on car’s clutch while driving. It is a bad habit, and it’s hard to break. Riding the clutch at all times with your left foot puts an unnecessary strain on it. It results in faster wear of the entire system.

Ideally, clutches either should be pushed down entirely or it shouldn’t be touched at all. Otherwise, its lifespan shortens, and you can’t avoid the consequences.

  1. Accelerate Smoothly

Always avoid sudden and rapid acceleration. Pulling it away smoothly and at a moderate speed ensures its longevity. Your clutch will also remain in good health for an extended period if you follow this tip.

  1. Don’t Use The Clutch As A Part Of Your Braking System

Applying brakes accurately to stop your vehicle puts less stress on the clutch assembly. On the contrary, if you use sudden braking to halt, it puts a lot of pressure on the clutch as well. Hence, avoiding this can increase its lifespan.

Replacing a clutch system is always expensive. Following these tips can help you to sidestep the unnecessary expenses.

However, if replacing it becomes essential, take the help of professionals for clutch repair or brake repair in Nottingham for any auto garage such as Your Tyres & Auto Care.

Even after replacing, ensure you don’t have to worry about your clutch in the future by adopting these driving habits.

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