Make your tyres dependable and safe

Being one of the most crucial elements of your vehicle, dependable tyres are something that each one looks out for at all times. To ensure their dependability, it is important to take proper care of them as you would do for any other thing in your life. Compromising on its well-being could result in danger for you and your loved ones in the future. Hence, making sure your tyres are safe and roadworthy, you should have it checked every 2 weeks for any kind of damage or repair.

Following a few simple steps could make your Tyres Tonypandy healthy and you happy:

Check the pressure of the tyre regularly

Over-inflated tyres could result in poor car handling and tyres that are under-inflated could overheat. As per the vehicle’s manual, maintaining the correct tyre pressure is vital at all times. This is also required for maintaining the economy as incorrect pressure could make your tyres suffer more damage and make them in need of replacement regularly. Under-inflated tyres also increase the rolling resistance, which ultimately would consume more fuel to maintain the speed.

The pressure setting is also essential for having a healthy environment by less emittance of carbon dioxide levels.

Check for wear, tear and any external damage

Looking out for signs of unusual wear and damage by regular physical check takes care of all the underlying concerns. Lumps, bumps and cuts caused by a hard impact of the tyre on a pothole or any other object on the road could be supervised. A visit to a professional mechanic for necessary replacement or repair could then be done on time. This would prevent any sudden failure of the tyre.

Alignment of the wheel

Wheel alignment should be done timely to maintain the prolonging life of tyres. Rough road conditions could affect the vehicle’s alignment settings leading to uneven tyre wear. Wheel alignment should be checked each time a new set of tyres are fitted.

Tyre treads should be enough

Treads of the tyre tend to have a direct impact on the performance of a vehicle and also on its safety levels. Tread depth should not go below the legal minimum limit and should be replaced immediately. This further ensures good control over the car and maximises the safety of your car.

Prevent car overloading

Overloading of the car may lead to a compromise on its handling along with causing excessive wear due to prolonged heat exposure.

Inculcate good driving habits

Too much braking or acceleration while driving or continuous starting and stopping in traffic, can harm the tyres. It is advisable to drive as smoothly and consistently as possible at decent speed levels. Being careful on speed bumps and potholes is also a good driving habit.

Purchasing the correct type and size of tyres for your car make is always recommended.

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