Michelin Premier A/S Review: Outstanding All-Season Tyres

Another great invention has been launched by Michelin tyres that are named as Michelin Premier A/S. The one-line definition of this tyre is ‘safe when new, safe when worn’. Isn’t it unbelievable but because it has been created by the inventors of radial tyres, pneurail tyres and removable tyres; therefore, it was given the respect that it deserves! Now, let us find out if the tyres have let the people down or the Michelin tyres Coventry is ready for setting new records if you have not yet spoken to some of your acquaintances who have experienced using them.

Overview of Michelin Premier A/S tyres

Michelin Premier A/S tyres fall in the category of all-season tyres. Minivans, sedans and coupe are the vehicles with which these tyres form a perfect couple.

Here is the account of some of the innovative characteristics of these tyres:

New tread design, the EverGrip technology: The tyres come with the EverGrip technology which is supposedly a new design for tread patterns. It raises the level of traction while driving.

Usage of silica: The usage of silica has brought improvement in treads for providing an unmatched grip on wet roads.

Role of sunflower oil: Sunflower oil is responsible for helping the tyre with its performance by making the tyres flexible even when the temperatures are low.

Even blended materials: The use of even blended materials has made the tyres keep up the maintenance even after bearing a lot of wear and tear.

Performance in Dry Conditions

People who have used these tyres have reported that their experience with these tyres was smooth. The tyres were successful in satisfying the expectation of everyone as far as the whole group was concerned. The definition used by the company about the tyre’s performance even after it’s getting worn out seems to have been proven true. The main reason for this to happen was because of the hidden grooves that come out as the time passes and the tyre wears out. People are happy with the tyres’ tight cornering, smooth driving and quick stopping. There are two exceptional benefits offered because of two belts of steel in the internal structure of the tyres. The tyres provide a perfect combination of uniformity and exceptional comfort during rides with high durability and easy handling as well.

Wet performance

Since Michelin Premier A/S tyres are all season tyres, the performance given by the tyres on wet roads is also living up to the expectations. Wet roads can be a little dangerous as compared to dry roads because there is a huge risk of the vehicle getting slipped due to water. The EverGrip technology that helps the tyres perform in dry conditions does not disappoint in wet conditions as well.


Multiple inventions and innovations have been made to give shape to such a masterpiece of tyres Coventry that can perform well even after getting worn. Till now, everybody has been replacing the tyres when they get worn. These tyres will bring a revolution if they keep performing in the same way. Zoom Tyres have a wide range of tyres including Michelin premier A/S. Therefore, don’t forget to visit us today.

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