Michelin Tyres are The Best Pick

Michelin Tyres are The Best Pick

Are you looking for new tyres? Are you confused between the brands? Well, it is not an easy task to choose the right one so that you don’t regret it later. Tyres are of utmost importance in case of cars as they are the touching points with the ground and faces too much while the car is on the run. So it is important to get really good tyres which are durable. Michelin Tyres shall suit you the best for this very reason.

You must have heard the name as it is impossible to not hear or see it once. It has amazing popularity throughout the world. If you are still a bit lost about the name, does Michelin Man, Bibendum ring a bell? That superhero figure in white, all made of tyres, solves all the tyre problems of car and car owners. This is what  believes themselves as, the tyre saviour for all cars.

The Story Begins

Once there were two brothers named Andre and Edouard of the Michelin family. They together decided to set up a tyre manufacturing company and so they did in 1889. This is what we today know as the second leading tyre manufacturing company in the world. Michelin Tyres is a French Multinational Tyre Manufacturer with its headquarters at Clermont-Ferrand in France. After Bridgestone, Michelin is the next best all over the globe for tyres.

Development and Achievements

Today Michelin Tyres is not just a tyre making company but can rather be considered as an industry. It owns many more tyre companies and brands like the Kleber tyres, Uniroyal Goodrich tyre company, Camso, SASCAR, etc.

There has been a steady rise in its development and achievements. In 1891 it made detachable bicycle tyres and it won the Paros-Brest-Paris cycle race with Charles Terront that very year. 1895 saw Michelin’s groundbreaking success with pneumatic tyres fitted to L’Éclair. This was the first car in the history to participate in a motor car race named Paris-Bordeaux-Paris with pneumatic tyres fitted to it. In 1898 they gave birth to Bibendum in order to reach out to the world with their true intentions. Another victory came in 1899 when their new invention of wide tread and narrow diameter tyres could survive the world speed record of 100km/hr in a stable condition.

Michelin then started to think global around 1906 as it set up a new plant in Turin, Italy and then another in Milltown of New Jersey. With this Michelin Tyres Walsall was out in the bigger world and nothing could have stopped it anymore. They didn’t limit their tyre area for bicycles and cars anymore but also included aircraft and other motor vehicles. 

It also had great achievements in the world of motorsport. Michelin is the official tyre supplier in the Porsche Supercup and Porsche Carrera Cup for the Porsche 911 GT3 cup cars.

There is so much more to Michelin Tyres and it won’t end so soon. So Michelin is definitely the right choice for you. Contact our experts at Central Tyres Walsall for getting professional guidance and the right set of tyres for your vehicle.

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