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Michelin Tyres is one of the world’s leading tyre manufacturers established in 1871. With an experience of almost a century and a half, it has become a pioneer in the research-and-development of new products and technologies. There are various kinds of Michelin tyres, Whitchurch drivers can benefit from.

Blackhurst Garages has the widest variety of tyres Whitchurch has ever seen, including different ranges from Michelin Tyres. If you’re looking for a new set of tyres, we can recommend some amazing options for your day-to-day needs.

EcoContact™ 6

One of the fan-favourites, this tyre increases your mileage by up to 20%, therefore, reducing carbon dioxide emissions as well. EcoContact™ 6 has a lower rolling resistance. That is fuel-efficient and economic in their truest terms.

  • A methodical silica scattering and improved geometry of components increase fuel-efficiency. The spread of these components is optimally proportionate to the tyre size. The compound used is an advanced bind of rubber and silica. This allows the tyre to get accustomed to different weather conditions, reducing rolling friction.
  • Green Chili™ 2.0 compound boosts the mileage of your car. The advanced compound lets the tyre to adapt to the terrain you drive on. Thus, rubber loss is minimized that increases the life of the tyre.
  • A better grip and an enhanced feel of your steering’s control is sure to give you the ultimate driving experience. With an exclusive pattern made especially for this tyre, EcoContact™ 6 finds an equilibrium between wet and dry performance. Its asymmetric rib geometry and sipe alignments ensure a constant touch with the ground and make the ride safer.

ContiWinterContact™ TS 830

A tyre with efficient wet grip, it is tailor-made for braking specialist for midsize and compact cars. ContiWinterContact™ TS 830 reduces the braking distance significantly. So even with increased risks, your commute is going to be worry-free and enjoyable.

  • The shoulder area includes an enhanced number of blocks, which reduces the time your car takes to come to rest. The higher number of blocks provide more biting edges available to create traction on snow. So more blocks mean more grip and reduced braking distance.
  • The braking performance is also improved on wet and icy surfaces. The high rigidity of the blocks in centre tread and broader sipes facilitate in the effective braking system.
  • It is an efficient tyre that can work in synchronization with the latest safety system that is highly sophisticated. To maintain this safety, threads are formed in directional contours to prevent water build-up and aquaplaning.

ContiWinterContact™ TS 810 Sport

This tyre is the perfect fit to be taken on a hilly escape. While you are looking out for some serenity in nature, we prevent that peace from getting disrupted by reducing the rolling noise of the traversal.

  • It passes the litmus test even in extreme winter conditions. Stiff shoulder blades offer immense support when lateral forces act on the tyre. In this way, this tyre keeps your car stable even while cornering
  • These tyres display stupendous control and braking on dry surfaces as well. It is achieved primarily by the contribution of the band strip of treads running across its centre.
  • ContiWinterContact™ TS 810 Sport also provides safety from aquaplaning. The sipes are thicker with spacers on the inner side. This not only brings about easy escape of water but also makes the traction better.

Can’t make a decision? Let a team of experts at Blackhurst Garages assist you. We assure to offer you the Tyres Whitchurch is falling in love with. And with the amazing prices we put our tyres up at, it’s going to be Michelin Tyres Whitchurchwould talk about for days. read more about MOT Whitchurch

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