Michelin Tyres: Rated Amongst the Best

Tyres are one of the most valuable possessions of enthusiasts residing across the globe. Hence, when it comes to selecting the best one for you and your car, the names of the biggest tyre manufacturers pop up in your mind. In that list, Michelin happens to be on top, followed by many other brands such as Bridgestone, Continental or even Goodyear for that matter.

This French multinational manufactures high-quality tyres admired by plenty all over the world. They have made many inventions in this sphere and thus are the masters in their field. Radial tyres, removable tyres and neural are some of the popular inventions. The brand also manufactures tyres for aircraft, space shuttles, heavy equipment, automobiles, bicycles and motorcycles. As per the records logged in 2012, somewhere around 166 million tyres were manufactured by the group in 18 countries at 69 facilities.

Car tyres Birmingham

The Motorsport Arena

The brand took part in MotoGP from the year 1972 to 2008. The concept of radial construction was introduced to them in the year 1984 along with multi-compound tyres in the year 1994. Michelin has a record of having 360 victories in the 36 years of their association with MotoGP. In 1977, the brand successfully completed Formula One season. The radial tyre technology was introduced by them to the Formula One team. In 1984, they withdrew their name from the series post winning the Formula One Driver’s Championship. Michelin tyres Birmingham made a comeback in 2001 with Toyota joining alongside and McLaren also signing up with the company. The French manufacturer is also Porsche 911 GT3 Cup’s official tyre supplier that takes part in the race. Michelin has supplied tyres to many big brands like Ford, Lancia, Toyota, Volkswagen, Peugeot, Citroen and Audi teams at the factory at the World Rally Championship.

Developments by the Company in the Recent Past

· Active Wheel

· Tweel

· Pax System

· Agri

· X One

· BAZ Technology™

· Zero Pressure Technology™

· EverGrip™ Technology

The other products that Michelin deals in include tour guides, type retailer, online mapping, maps, truck and bus and the sustainability event of mobility. The other big players in the market also focus on the innovation aspect of tyre manufacturing to uplift the user experience each time. The maintenance, proper care and timely servicing of these cars are essential to ensure the quality and durability of these tyres. Tyres require a significant amount of time and attention from the owners. This could be done by visual inspection on a daily basis to make sure that in case the car gives signs of trouble; one must either repair it at their own level or get it repaired from a nearby trusted facility. This keeps the whole car in check and minimises the extra cost that could be incurred by your pocket.

In many regions, MOT tests are mandatory to ensure the roadworthiness of cars. This is a good way to impose the best practices of driving and car maintenance. You could simply visit the government website to avail the details of getting such tests done and avoid giving heavy fines to the traffic personnel. Car tyres Birmingham can be bought easily but the actual challenge arises at the time of its regular car and sustaining its operation ability. It becomes imperative to identify the problem areas and ensure the functioning of each part of the vehicle. Hence, not just purchasing from a good manufacturer is essential, the maintenance is also important of the tyres along with the other parts of the car.

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