Michelin visionary concept tyre: The future

There are several things a tyre faces in its lifetime. It gets punctured. The tread wears down. Tyres become deflated as a result of the loss of air pressure. So many problems, right? This is when Michelin Visionary Concept Tyre are expected to come to the rescue. They are built in a way which will absolve you from facing unexpected troubles. They are constructed with a lot of consideration in an effort for their efficient, smooth and safe functioning.

So, what is so particular about the Michelin Visionary Concept tyres? What are the elements that make them stand out from the regular tyres? Let’s know.

A. What is michelin visionary concept tyre?

Michelin visionary concept tyre is a puncture-proof tyre. Now, the question is, how is it puncture-proof? It is Airless Tyre with 3D printing technology. It aims to combine both tyres and wheel. The unique point about Michelin Visionary Tyre is that it is made from recycled materials. It is everything that people envision when it comes to the future of tyres.

Now, this was just a long story said shortly. Behind the implementation of this futuristic concept of Michelin Tyres Birmingham, there were reasons which were considered to be good enough to bring in new ideas, giving birth to a whole new concept.

B. The unique features

A wheel with no air

Okay, so what is the idea behind this Airless Tyre anyway? Conventionally, the vehicles run because of air in the tyres. Maintaining the correct air pressure becomes essential for efficient functioning. But, the honeycomb structure design used for Michelin Tyres Birmingham construction helps in preventing the risks of blowouts and punctures. The honeycomb structure is inspired by nature, such as coral or air sacs found in human beings. This is also known as biomimetic structure. The biomimetic structure means synthetic techniques which mimic the biochemical processes. The tyre here gets its strength from the coral-like structure.

3D Printer: Lifesaver for treads

3D printing technology is also known as additive technology. The notion behind 3D printing technology is to keep on creating items with minimal materials left. We all know when the tread wears down, it becomes hard for the tyres to have a firm grip on the roads. With the help of a 3D printer, the treads can be replenished and that too in a few minutes. Also, one notable feature of the 3D printer is that it just adds the necessary amount of materials. This ensures that there is no loss or wastage in materials. So, the main point of having this technology built is to save as many resources as possible. So, do not worry about your tread getting low anymore.

It communicates with the vehicle

Communication is always important to carry out efficient functioning. In an organisation, communication between members of an organisation leads to effective job performance. Likewise, an app is made through which the information is passed to the individuals. How is this information passed on? There are sensors installed in the tyres. These sensors help in monitoring the tyre tread wear. They give real-time information which helps in determining the performance of the tyre.

Also, one should note that these 3D printed treads of Tyres Birmingham are tailored to run in different seasons. One could order treads according to the seasons and terrain they prefer to drive on. It could be rainy, snowy and harsh terrains.

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