Mitas Agricultural Tyres

The agriculture industry is really important to thrive and survive. It is an important sector that contributes to the economy. The tyres of the tractor are designed in such a way that carries out important functions like ploughing and preparing the garden bed so that the soil goes in deep as long as 8 to 10 inches. The rear tyres are much larger in width. This is only the reason: – why the tractor’s weight is spread across the whole area and the tyres do not compress the soil.


  1. Sometimes, the damage is caused to the sidewalls and treads because of objects which are pointed. You may opt for a Tyre Fitting Batley in such conditions.
  2. When such damage is caused, there is a high risk of foreign materials and impurities entering the tyre.
  3. Another cause is called the fabric break, in which the fabric of the tyre hits a hard object such as a sharp rock and experiences an unbearable shock.
  4. Sometimes while driving, the tractor on hard surfaces, the rubber gets torn off the tread bars which maintain contact on the ground.
  5. Sometimes owing to the exposure of the tyres to unfavourable weather conditions such as droughts, ozone and sunlight, the tyres go through a lot of wear and tear and some cracks are formed there.
  6. Sometimes, the valve system of the tyres is ruptured. The bead and rim on which the tyre is mounted are damaged because of many reasons like low inflation pressure or excessive use of soap on bead or rim.

Tyres Chesham provides you with high-quality tyres which provide you with solutions for all the problems your tyres may face.


 You may get different types of Tyres Batley at auto-shops, according to your needs and specific problem faced by the tyres.

AC 70 G- Harvest Radial

  • These tyres are cost-efficient and have ground handling properties for harvesting purposes.
  • It can carry a considerable amount of weight while performing different functions.
  • It has a widespread distribution on the ground which supports the soil structure.
  • While moving between the fields, it rides on the road smoothly without causing any unnecessary disturbances.


  • It supports the harvesting time frame.
  • It has a very narrow construction and fulfils the legal requirements regarding the vehicle width.
  • Gentle ground handling capabilities because of larger foot printing.


  • It has good traction quality.
  • Favourable ground pressure reduces soil compaction which reduces water infiltration and leads to decreased crop production owing to soil degradation.

Also suited for free-rolling field applications.

IM- 07 I- 1

  • It is suitable for soil cultivation and meadow and cultivation. It has a rolling rib profile.


  • It has an excellent traction. It is suitable for all types of achiness such as agricultural machines, telescopic loaders and dump trucks.

TR-08 I-3HF-2

  • It has lateral stability, which means it is capable of marinating forces that place it in a particular position, low inflation pressure and flotation pattern.

AC 70 T

  • It is designed for heavy fieldwork.
  • Deep lugs give traction.
  • Improves pulling power

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