Most Common Problems With An Exhaust

The exhaust is not just a component that is needed by your vehicle to vent out the unwanted gases. It is more than that. The exhaust also takes care of the emitted particles so that they don’t reach back to the engine in any case and hurt it. The gases that are released by the exhaust into the environment are made eco-friendly to maximum limits. Our vehicles need exhausts more than we think. Exhaust converts the toxic carbon monoxide, and nitrogen monoxide into carbon dioxide and nitrogen dioxide, respectively.

The exhaust is responsible for many performance factors like engine’s power, the fuel efficiency of your car, speed limit, etc. Therefore, it must be taken care of regularly. Here is a list of problems attached to your exhaust that you must be wary of:

Rusting of exhaust: Exhaust rusting is one of the most visible and common problems that arise with a car’s exhaust. The corrosion of exhaust gets initiated because of the salt present on the roads. When these salts come in contact with your exhaust in the presence of moisture, the rusting process begins. Rust corrodes the outside as well inside of your exhaust and in turn hampers its performance.

Depreciation in oxygen: Engine of your car need oxygen to burn the injected fuel adequately. An oxygen sensor senses the level of oxygen and thus maintain it accordingly. If the oxygen sensor in your vehicle is at fault, it will take more fuel to produce comparable power by the engine. This may clog the catalytic converter as well.

Leaks: Leaks are a nuisance that may lead to reduced engine power and increased fuel consumption by the car. The main reason for this to happen is driving your vehicle on a bumpy and rough road. Leaks also cause harmful gases to reach the passenger’s compartment and lead to serious health hazards.

Engine Noise: Have you ever heard a loud roaring from your engine against the ordinary smooth and pleasing sound? If yes, it means that the gases are leaking from the exhausts manifolds. The problem can damage your engine severely, hence must be corrected immediately.

Hanger displacement: Hanger of the exhaust is responsible for keeping the exhaust in place. The sturdy placement of exhaust is necessary to avoid any future leaks and bends. When the hanger of your exhaust breaks, it leads to various dents and holes that reduce the efficiency of exhaust.

Smoking exhaust: Smoke from your vehicle is never a good sign. The same is the case with your exhaust. A dark and grey smoke out of your exhaust indicates that more fuel is being burnt in the engine than usual. And grey and white smoke reveal that coolant in your engine has found its way into the combustion chamber. Both of the situations are not good for the functioning of your car. They may also lead to severe conditions and repairs.

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